Materialism, Satan’s Replacement Religion

We’ve all heard it; “you can’t buy happiness.” The mantra has never been more applicable than it is today. While one cannot buy happiness, it certainly would appear someone can buy their way towards a lack of it. The pews have never been so empty, the shelves have never been so full, and we as […]

Ban Porn! The Destroyer of Men

We published this article about the negative effects of masturbation and sexual excess on men. Now we will deal with pornography and highlight why we think it should be banned. It is important to state that sexual excess is the main contributing factor when it comes to male emasculation. If a man stops watching porn […]

The Gender Bending Agenda, Inverting God’s Design

“Transgenderism” has been associated with witchcraft, demons, and Satan throughout all of human history. Of course, this is “hate speech“, or “wrong thought” in the Satanic era in which we live. “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness…” – Isaiah 5:20 Nearly all […]

Pick-Up Artistry: Adapting to the Disorder

Men are struggling to meet women in this degenerate era. Was this always the case? Did 10% of the men always have sex with 90% of the women? The answer is no. This kind of hedonistic promiscuity was not the norm, in addition to this men and women were expected to get married young; and […]