Why “Sowing Your Wild Oats” Is Not Masculine

In the decadent modern era male nature has been hijacked, perverted, and inverted, much like everything else… To “sow” ones wild oats is to wantonly bed women, the phrase is often used to describe a hyper-sexual young man; engaging in much promiscuous sex. This hyper-sexual behaviour is associated with masculinity, while young unmarried men who […]

Celibacy and Confidence: How Sexual Excess Makes You Shy

Sexual energy is the animating force behind almost all human endeavour. One outward manifestation of abundant sexual energy is what is often termed “charisma”, or confidence. What is the main purpose of confidence? It stands to reason that confidence is primarily responsible for pair-bonding and reproduction… The dissipation of sexual energy can stifle this confidence, […]

Abortion Destroys Relationships

When researching abortion stories for our “Abortion Regret” series one thing always jumps out at me, as almost a certainty; abortion destroys relationships. There are a few different scenarios but they all seem to result in the same thing: In one version a young man will practically force his girlfriend to get an abortion, afterwards […]

Sin No More: Jesus Christ Will Set You Free

We write a lot about the evils that Satan and his agents are unleashing on us, specifically the ethnic dissolution and attack on native European, white people, and the Christian heritage their nations were built upon. This article will be more of an exultation to repent and believe in the gospel as the only possible […]