Why “Sowing Your Wild Oats” Is Not Masculine

In the decadent modern era male nature has been hijacked, perverted, and inverted, much like everything else… To “sow” ones wild oats is to wantonly bed women, the phrase is often used to describe a hyper-sexual young man; engaging in much promiscuous sex.

This hyper-sexual behaviour is associated with masculinity, while young unmarried men who do not have sex for whatever reason are not seen as men at all. This distinction is false. Temperance–not hedonistic excess–has always been associated with masculinity. It is the weak man, the boy, that has no handle on his sexual desires, being led here and there by whatever lust is provoked within him.

I need not explain why this behaviour is not in any way masculine. It is women who are externally influenced by way of the senses. It had always been the mans place to master himself by mastering his passions, and the external stimuli that gives rise to them.

How will women respect, that which she knows she has total control over?

It is the temperate man, who is the master of his own passions, that she will trust and ultimately respect.

Why is pleasure-seeking, or hedonism, absolutely incompatible with masculinity? To answer this we must look at some traditional male virtues… Self-sacrifice, bearing of trial, courage, hard-work for your families sake, and the willingness to give up everything for the weaker, namely; your wife and children. Hedonistic men lack every single one of these male virtues because pleasure-seeking is selfish.

How can a man give his life for anything, when his pleasure is what is most important to him? How can he brave bodily injury and harsh conditions if pleasure and comfort are what he values? Surely, hedonistic excess cannot coexist with any of these virtues.

Homosexuality goes hand in hand with hypersexuality, while heterosexuality has been historically defined by monogamy and temperance. I do not feel the need to prove these assertions as I feel the truth of them is easy to perceive. Pornography consumption is not masculine, I think we can all agree to that, but pornography as a whole could be seen as “gay” in its entirety, regardless of the “type” in question.

Why is this? The natural act of sex is ultimately procreative in function, while the homosexual act is performed with pleasure for pleasures sake as its primary aim. It is not difficult to perceive that both the solitary act, and the one-night-stand, are much more akin to the latter than the former.

What does this say about modern masculinity? Modern masculinity is defined by a motivation much more “gay” than straight.

Truly I say, a man is not a man until he has learnt to master his desires. Until then he will be forever sexually compromised, his relationships with women will be ultimately toxic; them holding undue influence over him. Interacting with women will be forever natural if you do not need or seek sexual gratification. Being dependant on this will always be perceived as desperation, and distrust will always ensue from the perception of an ulterior motive. In this capacity the interaction becomes permeated with a sense that “he is trying to get something from me”, rather than simply interacting with her like she is any other person.

Learn to be chaste, and when you find a wife she will find a man who has dominion over himself, thus she will trust him enough to grant him dominion over her. 

St Joseph and family, the chaste craftsman, the model of masculinity. Compare this capable, self-sacrificing leader of his household, to the “ideal” male today… 



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