UK: School Under-Fire For Allowing Children to Play With “Toy Guns”

We find ourselves revisiting the UK all too often these days… The Kings Norton Primary School, Birmingham, has been criticised for taking children on a school trip to a police station where they handled toy guns.

I am not going to go into all the details because I can’t help asking myself; “why has the world gone mad?” Not only has the UK been plunged into total chaos, its children are actively being prevented from learning anything that might save them in the future.

The children were handling plastic guns and pointing them at terrorist targets, which by the way, is a realistic training exercise that foreshadows actual future threats in the occupied and divided Kingdom of Great Britain.

Delusional parents of the children took to social media, they were “horrified” that their children might be exposed to self-defence experience, since only the bad guys should know how to handle firearms, right?

An image from the school trip in question

This attitude has been artificially implanted in the minds of the British public, and of course the media ran with the “guns are bad, being completely defenceless for the coming crisis is good” narrative.

What is most troubling is that it is the parents who were enraged at their children shooting terrorist targets. The cultural marxist mind-virus has been completely successful it seems, rendering these people active proponents of their own demise.

One parent, David, had this to say:

“Explaining to children about why there are police carrying guns on the streets is one thing but actually getting them to pose up laughing while pretending to fire these weapons at, who? Terrorists? Well that sends out the wrong message in my book.”

David thinks firing plastic weapons in a self-defence drill against murderous terrorist cut-outs is “sending the wrong message”. Maybe if the children were trained in holding up sign’s saying: “no violence please?” This would be the correct message.

This should really raise concerns if you are a thinking person. Seeing as the “powers-that-be” are undoubtably tying the hands of the British public, leaving them like sheep to be devoured by the ravenous wolves that they have let in.

There are countless stories out there from the UK of children being arrested for playing with toy guns, people are arrested for purchasing butter knives from shops… This attempt to render the populace utterly vulnerable is intentional, completely evil and these people are culpable for knowingly doing it.

I would remind the reader why self-defence is necessary. This is how ISIS train their children to kill from an early age… 

A still from an ISIS propaganda video

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