Celibacy and Confidence: How Sexual Excess Makes You Shy

Sexual energy is the animating force behind almost all human endeavour. One outward manifestation of abundant sexual energy is what is often termed “charisma”, or confidence.

What is the main purpose of confidence? It stands to reason that confidence is primarily responsible for pair-bonding and reproduction… The dissipation of sexual energy can stifle this confidence, leading to shyness and social anxiety when taken to an extreme.

Seeing as we are living in an age where sexual excess taken to an extreme is the norm; you can see why young men display unusual levels of shyness and social anxiety. It is also telling that younger men manifest these issues with much greater frequency and severity than older men do. This correlates with the acceptance and prevalence of hyper-sexual behavior that was not considered normal to past generations.

An interesting study which compares shy men and confident men in terms of masturbation habits:

“On a self-administered questionnaire which was privately filled out by each man, I asked: “Generally speaking, about how many times per week do you ordinarily masturbate these days?” The average for [“love-shy”] 35 to 50-year old virginal men was 4.18 ejaculations per week…  The average for [“love-shy”] 19 to 24-year old men was 3.19 ejaculations per week. In stark contrast, none (zero percent) of the self-confident non-shy [men] averaged two or more ejaculations per week via masturbation. In fact, 58 percent of the non-shys told me that they never masturbated at all. Only 3 percent of the younger love-shys and zero percent of the older love-shys similarly indicated that they never masturbate. Parenthetically, the average number of ejaculations averaged per week via masturbation by the non-shy men studied for this book was only 0.35.” – from the book “Shyness and Love” by Brian G. Gilmartin (1987)

Please take into account that this study is from the 1980’s, where sexuality was fairly restrained by todays standards.

In the modern era there is an unprecedented amount of male shyness, and lack of masculinity and confidence. There is also an unprecedented degree of sexual excess, pornography, and masturbation. This is by no means coincidental.

There is a tremendous lack of research in this area. However, with the little that there is, combined with logical reasoning and personal experimentation, any man can validate the veracity of these claims.

The only way to know for sure if you are seriously stunting your charismatic, inter-personal potential is by trying celibacy for yourself… About three weeks should do it.

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