Angela Merkel Marches In Communist Uniform In Unearthed Photo

It all makes sense now. This photograph has been doing the rounds lately, but the truth is, it has been know about since at least 2013, where it was widely reported on.

The communist past of Merkel has been widely reported on too, to no surprise; with much gloating from the marxist news media.

17-year-old Angela then called Angela Kasner, is seen marching with a big smile on her face with her comrades:

17-year-old ANGELA KASNER

Not only was Merkel connected to the East Germany Communists, it has been alleged that she might have been propaganda secretary of the youth movement; FDJ (Free German Youth).

I personally do not know if the Merkel was a known communist when the German people voted her in. I don’t know if this information was widely known then. But I sure hope it wasn’t, voting in a communist knowingly is confusion incarnate.

Case in point: don’t vote for communists to lead, or be anywhere near the government of your country. I don’t think it is a stretch to state that Germany is in ruins as a result of this woman and her kin.

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