Abortion Regret, It Could Last a Lifetime: Kristen, Sandra, and Jane

The internet is full of stories of women who regret having abortions. You just have to visit any given popular abortion forum, any given day, and there will usually be a regret story present.

The very last post I looked at was from a woman who had regretted having an abortion for 14 years. “I have my freedom and everything, I just feel like something is missing”, she said.

Picture: silentnomoreawareness.org

I am going to share a compilation of three stories from three real women who have had abortions. These are real stories, and this is a very real; very profound regret that they (and many others) are left with.

We must deal with these women with compassion and understanding always.

(Some details such as names and places have been changed or omitted where appropriate. Where anonymity was present, I have selected a nondescript name.)


“I was never supposed to abandon that life. And the life I’ve had in the 14 years since the abortion has been an extreme of imbalance for not having that child that was supposed to have been a part of it, supposed to have given me gifts of grace and taught me profound, sometimes painful sometimes joyful lessons.”

This was late onset regret, the lady in question felt fine for many years, it was only later in life that the regret hit her.

“I’ve spent countless amounts of money on schools and therapies and metaphysical seminars… The abortion was around $360. $360 to cut of a life long supply to the most necessary ingredient for healing [love]. Then another $40… 50… 80,000 spent trying to buy that ingredient back in another form – a form that didn’t require me to be a parent, that let me remain the child.”

This is quite common, women look to stay as children themselves, in seek of happiness and healing. Truth is, becoming a mother and having a child might just provide what they seek.

“I thought I would never have it together enough to raise a kid, would not have anything to offer. I didn’t even consider what that child had to offer me… The act of selfishness I participated it by aborting a life rather than aborting a lifestyle. That can never be undone. I pray with all my heart that every young woman considering an abortion will instead make the choice for the gift of life.”


“I went to the appointment, with my ex boyfriend, and did it. I laid, closed my eyes, and fell asleep. When I woke up, I was hysterical. I kept crying, feeling like they’ve taken away a huge part of my body. I felt so empty. In 15 mins my whole life changed. I was getting used of having a little baby inside of me, and it felt like they had just taken away the only thing that was keeping me from falling apart.”

This lady was only very young, and she appears to have been led along by an older man. This is a terrible manipulation as women will often follow their men. Why men act like this I have no idea, but now this girl has to live with it, and he doesn’t, at least not in the same way.

“Now that it’s over, everyone’s acting as if it never even happened, but every night I go to sleep crying, and wake up the next morning, put on my brave face and try to convince myself everything’s gonna be OK.”


“I’d been with my boyfriend about 4 months already when I found out I was pregnant. I was very afraid to tell him about it… So I kept it a secret. Then I told it to mom… She pressured me to do an abortion, she said things like “you are just beginning your own life, don’t let your baby break it, better do an abortion now and then u just will forget about it very soon”. When I told it to my boyfriend… He said that maybe we should go to doctor 1st and then decide what to do.”

As we can see, it isn’t always the man who pressures his partner into having an abortion. It can be anyone. The lesson here; do not let anyone make a decision like this for you. They do not have to live with it.

“I went to doctor… The baby has a heart beating already, his height about 20mm… My mom was very cruel to me… She pressured me to do abortion. I still remember that time before abortion… I didn’t sleep at night, all I did was think and cry. I thought also about adoption, yes I already loved this baby. After the abortion, it was the worst time in my life, I didn’t want to live, I miss my baby so much…now about 7 months have passed and still I feel pain and I still crying at nights, and after abortion my life aren’t the same. It became grey and empty. If i can only turn back time… I would never do it.”

These are just three heart wrenching stories of Abortion Regret. This is the first in a series from us on this issue, we will be sharing different stories under the same title.

Notice how the motives for getting an abortion are usually short-term and transitory. In many cases they aren’t important at all. A job, a degree, boyfriend, what my friends think, what my parents think… The stories are always similar.

What is lost is not just the life of the baby, but a part of the woman who should have embarked on the greatest journey of her life. Instead she is left with regret and a “feeling like something is missing”.

Women are victims of abortion, they have to live with it. Therefore, we must never condemn these women. But offer support, and encourage them to bravely tell their stories. Hopefully reaching other young women in the same situation.

If you are one such women, certainly a noble cause is to share your experience. You may have terminated one or more lives, how many can you save?

Thank you for reading.

[Secure contact for any stories you wish to share: intelhuxley@tutamail.com]



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