The “Dark Ages” Weren’t So Dark

The Dark Ages were an age of great progress after a great collapse, we are currently in an age of great decadence before a great collapse. Therefore, any attempt to compare the Dark Ages with today in terms of comfort of living is not valid.

In my approach to this article I aim to compare the soul of the modern world with that of the so-called Dark Ages. I feel one of the best ways to do this is by comparing the art, architecture, and legacy they leave behind.

“Unless the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it. Unless the Lord keep the city, he watcheth in vain that keepeth it.” – Psalm 127:1

The Catholic Church’s Achievements During the “Dark Ages”

“By their fruits you shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles?” – Matthew 7:16

During the Dark Ages the Catholic Church was absolute in its influence on the conventions and inventions of foundational European civilisation. The Church influenced the time to its very core, so this is a fitting place to start…

york cathedral.jpg
York Minster, built between 1220 and 1472. At the start of the “Renaissance” under Elizabeth I, there was a concerted effort to remove all traces of Roman Catholicism.

Monastic life is one antiquated gem of Dark Age living. Monks and nuns would dedicate their lives to prayer, manual labour, and scholastic ventures usually involving the tedious job of preserving and promulgating literature for the later generations. These monasteries are primarily responsible for preserving and disseminating sacred scripture and classic literature, including important historic, scientific, and philosophical treatises… Which were painstakingly copied by hand, translated from Greek to Latin, and often embellished with elaborate lettering and drawings.

medievalmanuscript.jpgThe abbots of large monasteries would provide shelter for travelers, educate children, tend to the sick, and solicit alms for the needy… But we are often not grateful for these paragons of virtue and champions of culture. Instead, in the normal Satanic reversal, we are told the Church was an enemy of culture and learning.

Undeniably some of the greatest European architecture and art comes from the “dark ages”, with cathedrals that almost reach to the heavens, and masterpieces that are unequalled to this day. I am going to pick out a few prime examples but there is much to choose from…

Reims Cathedral, 1211 AD, France

One quote from a very informative article on the arts produced with the aid of the Catholic Church states the following:

“Rich patrons [of the church] financed artists who created enameled objects and mosaics, engraved gold reliquaries and chalices, stained glass windows, paintings with a religious theme, embroidered tapestries, and sculptures in marble, metal and wood.”

It is also an ignored fact that the Marxist subverted universities–which teach the evils of the Catholic Church–actually owe their existence to the Catholic Church. Monasteries and cathedrals were the first to champion education and high learning, the Church is undeniably linked to the beginning of the proud university tradition as this source suggests:

“[Charlemagne] (d. 814) turned to the Church as the only source of such education. He issued a decree that every cathedral and monastery was to establish a school to provide a free education to every boy who had the intelligence and the perseverance to follow a demanding course of study.” – The Rise of Universities

If one was to list the various inventions and innovations spearheaded by the Church during the dark ages, one would fill a book rather than an article, we shall leave it there with a very brief example of the Church’s legacy during that time… Demonstrating I think, a small portion of the soul of these times.

Chapel of Saint Chapelle, 1242

Today the West suffers from problems like mass depression, suicide, widespread pornography consumption, awful art, brutalist architecture, normalised usury (read: The Christian War On Usury), materialism (read: Satan’s Replacement Religion), mass abortion, profaned marriage, GMO food, artificial intelligence, nihilism, and a whole host of other terrible evils that would terrify the people of the so-called Dark Ages.

This moral and spiritual corruption can be seen close up in the culture we are creating.

Before we jump into more detail on modern iniquity, I wish to point out; clearly there are many great developments that have been made. Whether its health care, electricity, or the aeroplane. Similarly, we are aware of how harsh the Dark Ages were, this is only a testament to the fact that hard times breed grit and piety, whereas comfort often breeds weakness and hedonism.

The Rotten Fruits of Modernity

What legacy will modernity leave? What will future generations remember about us? Will it be McDonald’s, brutalist architecture, artificial intelligence, and the nuclear bomb?

Brutalist architecture in London, England

Once more, I am not suggesting that no innovation of our own is worth while, we live in a time of rapid advancement in many forms. I am suggesting however, our advancement will be more toxic than liberating in the eyes of future generations… Mainly due to our moral and spiritual corruption and abandonment of God. I believe the fruits of secular modernism is best visually demonstrated in its architecture.

The Chicago skyline, what is this, if not an outward manifestation of the soul of secular modernity?

I believe our positive impact, through great developments, will be overshadowed by the beast that is being born. We are confident the history books (if there are people to record our history) will ascribe us the historical role more akin to Sodom than Rome.

Work of CIA sponsored “artist” Jackson Pollock

One might still argue we have a far greater quality of life in response to this. Again, I would remind the objector that this is not a valid comparison. Comfort is barely ever created by the ones who enjoy it, the ones who create comfort do so for their progeny, and rarely see it themselves.

Echoing my previous sentiment: the Dark Ages were a time of great innovation just after a great collapse, we are living in an age of great stagnation and decadence before a great collapse. 

The Cause of Our Decadence

Short and sweet: our spiritual and moral decline, our nihilism, our stagnation, our predominance of negative life choices and attitudes is due to the abandonment of God and Christianity.

Christianity is the truth because Jesus Christ is the truth. One way to learn this is to compare the objective fruits of soulless secularism and Christendom. Once you’ve done that, compare the fruits of Christendom with that of other religions… The art, the architecture, the virtue, the vice… All of it. Another way is to see the satanic push to frame the Catholic Church’s millennium as “dark”.

Yet another way is to pray to Jesus Christ and find out for yourself…

In addition to all this, to realise the truth that is Christianity, read the great “Dark Age” Philosopher Saint Thomas Aquinas. A man whose torch burned brighter than most.


The Only Way To Save the West Is a Radical Resurgence of ChristianityAnd the only way to save your soul is a radical return to Christ.


With this differing perspective in regard to the soul of the Dark Ages and our own, isn’t it strange that we look back with such arrogance? Pridefully exalting ourselves above the people who built the civilisations and culture we are now destroying. We take the credit for our inheritance; and forgetting it is just that, we squander it .

New Saint Peters Basilica, Renaissance style, completed in the 15th century; marking the end of the Dark Ages

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