35 Coptic Christians Slaughtered In Egypt By “Armed Terrorists”

A convoy carrying more than 50 Coptic Orthodox Christians was ambushed and riddled with bullets by “armed terrorists” about 150 miles from Cairo. The coaches were travelling to monastery of St Samuel near Minya, where the Christians were going to pray.

What a way to start the very first day of the “Muslim holy month” Ramadan.

(Statements from the Grand Imam of Egypt and also the Grand Mufti seemed to confirm the perpetrators were Muslims.)

President of the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Centre, Bishop Anba Ermia tweeted the following:

“The martyr of 35 in an armed attack on two buses and a truck in front of Abu Tartour Hill on the way to the monastery of St. Samuel” – @Anba_Ermia

28 have been confirmed so far, children were amongst the dead.

Ambulance at the scene of the slaughter

The millions of Egyptian Christians have been the victims of much Islamic terrorism in the past, over easter 46 Christian were murdered in Islamic bombings of churches in Tanta and Alexandria. Christians are a sizeable minority of the Egyptian population, making up around 10 per cent.

The mainstream media are quick to point out that the Grand Mufti of Egypt and the grand Imam condemned the attack. As it is of great importance for them to enforce the “Islam is a religion of peace” untruth.

Isis has vowed to target more Christians as Ramadan is upon us, the Muslim “holy month”, or “month of bloodshed” as it is coming to be known by some.

Islamic murderers have openly warned Muslims to steer clear of Christian gatherings in the region, clearly indicating their murderous intentions.

We must pray for the Christians around the world, but especially the ones in the middle east who are in serious danger.

We pray heaven has just received many new martyrs, we pray that they experience bliss forever. May their families who are left behind be consoled by this.



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