Sin No More: Jesus Christ Will Set You Free

We write a lot about the evils that Satan and his agents are unleashing on us, specifically the ethnic dissolution and attack on native European, white people, and the Christian heritage their nations were built upon. This article will be more of an exultation to repent and believe in the gospel as the only possible solution to these problems.

We live in an era where the concept of sin has almost been entirely erased from public consciousness. Not through a lack of sin, but rather a complete abundance and acceptance of it. We are so morally blind in the west that we no longer even acknowledge the reality of sin.

It stands to reason then, that we will reap horrendous consequences for our actions, both on a societal and individual basis. I think you can see the fruits of sin in the western world today, once great nations falling apart at the seams, along with widespread confusion and an inversion of God’s perfect order.

It is easy to blame the synagogue of Satan alone for these issues, as it is easy to blame Satan alone for sin. But it is an important reminder that Satan can only tempt, he cannot force anyone to sin. We have caused these issues by our own iniquity, the subversive elements have overcome us because we have turned our back on our savior; Jesus Christ and His Church.

What is sin?

Sin is a deviation from the natural order created by our benevolent God. Sin is the act of usurping authority where one has none, deciding for oneself to define what should and should not be permitted. In God’s infinite wisdom and goodness he has forged an eternal law, sin is the revolt against this law, and therefore; a revolt against God Himself.

To sin is to make yourself a god, as you are deciding for yourself what is right and wrong.

Consequences of sin

“We learn from divine Revelation that justice raises up nations; sin, however, makes nations miserable.” – Encyclical of Pope Benedict XIV promulgated on November 1, 1745.

This great quote from Pope Benedict XIV applies not only to the nation, but also to the individual. Sin and misery are one and the same; you cannot have one and not the other. Whereas the freedom from sin, the natural order, is the opposite… Because all goodness proceeds from God.

Furthermore, sin greatly disconnects us from God, who is the source of all good things; this separation from God is the cause of all our suffering. Many great martyrs, have died horrendous deaths willingly: All the while they held on to their courage, joy, and truth in the Lord. This is ample evidence that God Himself is the fountain from which all joy and goodness flows.

When Adam and Eve first sinned, they hid themselves from the face of God; shame and embarrassment are the result of sin.

A whole book could be written on the evil consequences on sin, I will leave that to someone with more knowledge than me. It suffices to say, sin is the cause of great suffering on this earth.

With that basic overview of sin I will present the only sane recourse in the face of these problems…

Seek reconciliation with God

“Just as a man is enlightened by the Holy Spirit when he is baptized by a priest, so he who confesses his sins with a repentant heart obtains their remission from the priest.” – St. Athanasius of Alexandria, 295 – 373 AD

confess.jpgDue to the fallen condition of mankind, we all fall short of the glory of God, we all sin. Jesus Christ came in the flesh to bear the brunt of our transgressions in order that we might be forgiven. This sacrifice was perfect in that it satisfied: Justice, in the great suffering Jesus underwent for our wrongdoing. Mercy, in the act of charity where God gave His own son for sinner’s sake. And it gave us an example which we should follow in the life and passion of Christ.

Knowing this then, it stands to reason that we should all seek first to free ourselves from the bondage of sin. This is achieved by believing in Jesus Christ and following his example of righteousness and charity in our own lives.

We must also seek to openly confess our sins to a priest and do penance. This is a difficult task, requiring humility and courage as I struggle with it myself. For protestants who disagree with the sacrament of confession, here is a list of what the original Christians had to say on the matter: The Early Church Fathers on Confession

Seek Jesus Christ and a reconciliation to God first. Whatever sins you may have committed; God’s mercy is sufficient, God will set you free from the bondage of the devil.

God alone will liberate us from our self-inflicted plight, but our liberation is entirely our choice. Just as we chose to sin we must also choose to repent, confess, be forgiven, and then glorify God for his mercy for the remainder of our lives!

Peace be with you all. May God grant you pardon, absolution, and remission of your sins.


“There have been those who would say that no penance is available for certain sins; and they have been excluded from the Church and have been made heretics. Holy Mother Church is not rendered powerless by any kind of sin. – St. Augustine of Hippo c. 354 – 430 AD, (Sermons 352:9)


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