UK: Birmingham Vigil Interrupted By Man With Bat and Large Knife

A man with a bat and a large knife was detained in Birmingham Tuesday, just one day after the horrific Manchester Arena Islamic terror attack.

The vigil was arranged to “show solidarity” with the 22 people who were brutally murdered on Monday.

The man who was detained in Birmingham

The vigil organisers in Birmingham allegedly contacted local conservative party and UKIP branches informing them their supporters were not welcome at the vigil.

So, the question remains, who on earth were these people showing solidarity with, if they will not tolerate a few conservatives at their event?

It doesn’t appear to be the case that they are showing solidarity with the victims either, as they wave a “stand up against racism” flag. “Refugees welcome” it reads in bold lettering.

Is this the state of affairs in England? Children murdered in the most horrific way, and people rush to the defence of immigrants who may or may not have some mean things said about them.

It is clear to us there is some nefarious foreign subversion afoot. This reaction to your own countrymen being butchered is not natural.

The man who showed up with a bat and a knife should make these people think. However, the only thing these people could probably muster is: “Don’t rush to judgement, this man could be a Catholic for all we know!”

They fail to realise, if you are right indefinitely with these “judgements”, they fail to be faulty; rather they are correct.

Like with many of these events, the official motive for the attacker is “mental health issues”… Absolving the perpetrator (and his religion) of all culpability.

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