Donald Trump Performs Occult Orb Ritual With King Salman In Saudi Arabia

Donald Trump conducted what we believe to be an overt occult ritual with King Salman bin Abdulaziz and Abdel Fatah al-Sisi. The official story as to why the three world leaders clutched this glowing orb is something like this:

The orb is a globe, the globe was held because of… Terrorism.” 

It may be the case that this act was completely profane, with knowledge of how the elite work however, it is almost certain that this act has a very real occult aspect behind it. Like many other public rituals, a “cover” story is given. Again, what a weak cover story this one has…

Three of the most powerful world leaders are clutching an illuminated orb because… Terrorism.

The way the King clutches the orb is reminiscent of how one would hold the “black stone” located at the Kaaba. Muslims believe that the stone was originally white but turned black as a result of the sins of the people who touched it.

Muammad and the “black stone”, from the Jami al-Tawarikh

If you look at this orb, it looks as if the black stone is turning dazzling white, the glowing white seemingly bursting through the blackness that was there before.

So, what is this symbolic of? It could be heralding the start of a new sinless age, or looking forward to that age. Seeing as the black stone, (located in Mecca, Saudi Arabia), turned black from the sin of the people who touched it, this could be symbolising the opposite.

A far more simple idea that many are throwing around is that this ritual demonstrating symbolises the Hebrew-Masonic elites control over the world. Literally, holding the world in their hands.

One very telling sign that this is in someway significant is the mainstream medias immediate rush to trivialize the bizarre ritual. Comparing it to movies and comic book scenes in order to frame it as innocuous in the minds of the public.

Of course, many people do not at all understand the occult nature of the world system and the ruling elites. If Donald Trump broke out some black candles and incense they would probably rationalise that as simply profane as well.

We don’t know what this symbolises, but we know it symbolises something much more than the official narrative fed to the mostly asleep populace. We know this act was extremely significant to them. Therefore we can take it for granted that this ritual had significance beyond “we did it because of terrorism”.


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