Potential Coverup: Car Rams Down 24 People In Times Square, Another Car Injures 11 On Staten Island

An incident involving a car left 11 people injured on Staten Island at approximately 11:40am Thursday. Little is known about this crash as of yet.

Around 1 hour earlier a car rammed into of a crowd in times square, 1 is dead and another 3 are in very serious condition. At least 24 people are injured.

The NYPD says this is a DUI related crash, which could entirely be the case. We however are sceptical. How does a drunk driver run down 24 people without stopping? One witness Josh Duboff said; “People were being hit and rolling off the car.”

Another witness told Reuters the collision “looked intentional“.

The driver of the times square “crash” is one Richard Rojas, who is from the racial group that seems to often crash cars into groups of people. I wonder if it will come out that he is a muslim?

Here is a picture of him, he certainly looks like a drunk driver who made a mistake:

Does the image on the left look like the reaction of a drunk driver who has just unintentionally rammed down 24 people?

While we cannot state for certain if either of these incidents are Islam related, it is important to point out the immediate attempt to immediately disregard terrorism as the motive.

NYC mayor Bill De Blasio had this to say: “Based on information we have at this moment, there is no indication that this was an act of terrorism.” De Blasio is famous for the statement, “today I am Muslim too.”

It’s good to know he has absolutely no agenda that might lead him to immediately distance this incident from terrorism.

One unknown twitter user posted this tweet, (pictured below), which is allegedly from a first responder.



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