Paris Mural Artist Depicts Whites Getting Murdered, Raped, and Enslaved

People seem to be catching on to the mural that was painted beneath the Eiffel Tower last September. The mural depicts white and black figures intertwined, in the middle a black male figure looks like he’s having sex with a white female figure. Many of people have pointed out the shape of the figures makes a six pointed star, or the “star of David”.

mural eiffel tower.jpg
The giant mural was painted beneath the Eiffel Tower

The artist Cleon Peterson named his mural, “The Endless Sleep“, interpreted by us as a veiled euphemism for the end of Native Europeans worldwide. Many French people gazed at this image and believed it was a “circle of love” as it was officially described. However, this is not the case at all; this is open mockery and a disguised victory exultation at the foot of probably the most iconic European landmark.

It is no surprise to us that Cleon tweeted out the following about his work with certain members of the Rothschild family:

“I’m extremely proud to have the opportunity to work with Ariane and Benjamin de Rothschild…” – April 3rd

This mural depicts a completion or near completion of the Hebrew-Masonic goal of European dissolution. The pure brazenness of this only exposes their complete arrogance and certainty of success. It is also worrying that this went completely unquestioned by the French and wider white European population, only indicating further that the population is asleep.

What will wake them up? They have eyes but they cannot see, what will open their eyes? If you would like the answer to these questions please read this article: The Only Way to Save the West Is a Radical Resurgence of Christianity.

You will see a common theme in this “artists” work. What follows will be a pictorial glimpse into the future these people would have for your children, followed by a brief conclusion.

WARNING: What follows is graphic and disgusting.

Cleon-Peterson-End-of-Days-3Cleon-Peterson-Joshua-Liner-AM-19Left-Cleon-Peterson-Dirty-Hands-2015-Right-Cleon-Peterson-Man-of-War-2015-1puritystruggle of willthere is a warwhen you get power

Predictably, Cleon Peterson’s art also comes with a heavily anti-Christian theme. One picture shows a lone white figure on his knees praying, while multiple black figures prepare to murder him. Another shows a figure getting crucified upside down. This is a pure expression of the mind of the Hebrew-Masonic conspirators (the latter being the lackeys of the former) pushing the evil agendas that plague Western nations today.

Again, any answer that is not “return to Christ” at this point is folly. We are seeing a manifestation of pure evil on this earth. and there is only one solution… Jesus Christ and a return of The Church.


11 thoughts on “Paris Mural Artist Depicts Whites Getting Murdered, Raped, and Enslaved

  1. Seems more like a warning than an endorsement. These could have been drawn by a KKK member, though I suspect a Klansman might make a basic attempt to learn the rudiments of art technique. These simian parodies seem drawn by a mentally handicapped third grader. Not surprised the Rothschilds like this–their taste sucks, look at their stooge Hillary. Great call! If they are the best the illuminatti has got, maybe the future is not so bleak after all.


  2. This extremely racist for both sides. 1 – This is showing white people been murdered and raped. And it’s “ok”.
    2 – It’s also racist by showing only blacks (africans) acting like rapists and murders.

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  3. Only way to save the west is a radical resurgence of Paganism. Christianity is garbage from the middle east, much like Islam. The European people will wake up and bring back the native European spirit. Pagans will fight back the Christian/Islamic plague, or Europe will fall.


    1. I’m sorry but this is garbage. Europe as we know it is built on Christianity. I understand you might have a bad opinion of Christianity. But the people pushing European genocide do not care about pagans, they hate Christ and Christianity… As an extension they hate Christian Europe because they have historically had a hard time in Europe until very recently. Chrck this link out, you might find it interesting, it might explain the context of this battle and why they seek vengence:

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  4. Wow this is sick. In some of those mass murder scenes you clearly see demons swirling all around delighting in the killing.

    Recently I came across some very compelling info that the 12 lost tribes of Israel are not in Israel at all, but that they were scattered across Europe. And now America. THEYRE WHITE. And then it starts to make sense why they want to kill all the white races. If you look on that Deagle site it becomes obvious they plan to obliterate every first world white Christian nation. The bloodline matters. Because the lost tribes of Israel were pure in their bloodline. The rest have been diluted with the serpent seed…the Children of Cain. When God grafted the gentiles in this means that regardless of whether your bloodline is pure or not you can still be saved if you accept Him. But these elitists who have triple helix serpent DNA want to obliterate any of the remaining lost tribes, the pure bloodlines who happen to be Caucasian. This is the reason for their huge push for interracial marriage…painting whites as the oppressors, filling America and Europe with refugees to dilute the white gene pool. This is why they plan on killing off most of us in the first world white nations. It’s the serpent seed against Gods seed. I never used to believe it went this far but I know without any doubt now that it does


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