The Gender Bending Agenda, Inverting God’s Design

“Transgenderism” has been associated with witchcraft, demons, and Satan throughout all of human history. Of course, this is “hate speech“, or “wrong thought” in the Satanic era in which we live.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness…” – Isaiah 5:20

Nearly all Pagan civilisations venerated a “Mother goddess” and some form of a hermaphrodite entity. This entity represented the “whole”. Occultist Aliester Crowley was often sodomised in order to get in touch with the “divine feminine”.

Androgyny is a common theme in the occult, even the famous image of Baphomet drawn by Eliphas Levi was a hermaphrodite, displaying both male and female genitalia. (Pictured below.)

Baphomet by Eliphas Levi

As the Church Fathers first exposed so brilliantly, these pagan gods were nothing more than demons. The followers of Ashtoreth and Cybele who castrated themselves and pranced around in dresses were worshipping evil demons. This should not come as a surprise as these names are known. The story is the same the whole world over, men would castrate themselves to become “priestesses” of Artemis, Hecate and Diana in Europe. Greek mythological gods (demons) like Dionysus and Achilles were cross-dressers; there is a great emphasis on the divine goddess in practically all of these demonic systems.

The reason demons enjoy this practice is because it is their nature to invert the natural order as it was created by God.

As we can see this is a stark contrast to the true God. Who’s son was made manifest a man, who has only male priests, who is a patriarchal God, and is referred to in the masculine. This is not to denigrate females, or the beauty and worth of them; rather the contrary. God’s design is perfectly suited to both genders, and the suicide statistics associated with “transgender” people can demonstrate this. The suicide rate is north of 40% by reliable sources, that does not include attempts. The people pushing this agenda try to explain this by “oppression”, however this isn’t logically sound or truthful. Here is an article from The Federalist which debunks this idea.

The most tragic thing about this is that children are being willingly indoctrinated into altering themselves forever, often before they even reach maturity. What a terrible betrayal of the innocent.

It is important to state that even though “transgenderism” existed in the ancient world, it has never been accepted and embraced by a civilisation like it has been today. This is surely a sign of how evil these times are, where good is called evil and evil good. It is also a sure sign that we are going to see a massive decline, be ignorant of this at your own peril.

You would have to be blind to not see that both transgenderism and homosexuality are promoted positively and are both vastly overrepresented across TV, movies, and popular media in general. Maybe we will dedicate a whole article to this social engineering at a later date… For now we will point out that this gender bending agenda is primarily designed to undermine the fabric of Western society. Western civilisation as we know it rests on the nuclear family, made of one man and one woman. This beautiful design has been in place from the very beginning and does wonders for the children raised within its boundaries.

What we have seen is a constant, concerted effort to portray this natural choice as boring, while falsely stating that homosexual relationships are in some way “cool”.

This disorder is cleverly marketed as “love”. Mercedes Allen echoes (quite literally) this thought in her article titled: “Transgender Expression In Ancient Times” where she plainly states: “… One wonders if transgender and same-sex love were seen as an art of their own… A creative exploration of love and affection.”

This could not be further from reality. These lifestyle choices are dangerous, and lead to nothing but misery for anyone who partakes in them. [ being a great resource in regards to this.] While the wholesome, monogamous nuclear family formed by God is a paragon of blessings on all who experience it; not to mention on society itself.

So, as it is Satan’s plan to destroy Christian European civilisation, it stands to reason that one major focus would be to destroy the nuclear family. Through Satan’s agents here on earth, mainly Hebrew-Masonic influencers in high places, we can see these agendas at play.

The tragedy of this whole situation is that “transgender” people are the primary victims, civilisation as a whole being just secondary… As this quote suggests:

“I myself was diagnosed with gender identity disorder and underwent sex change surgery.  Seven years later, I realized sex change surgery was not treatment at all. I was misdiagnosed. I was suffering from a dissociative disorder that required talk therapy, not surgery.” – Walt Heyer

I want to conclude with a quote from, highlighting that there is hope for all who have been taken in by this agenda:

“I had irreversible gender reassignment surgery in 1997 absolutely convinced I was a woman in a man’s body. I anticipated living happily ever after, however I had persistent difficulties and fell into deep depression. I began reading the Bible, unsatisfied with superficial proclamations of diversity, inclusiveness,and tolerance. I happened upon King David’s famous repentance Psalm 51 and discovered, like David, I could be forgiven for all my sins. I also learned God chastens those whom He loves and I was being guided to seek repentance, and faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ. I knew identifying as a woman was not living in truth,and returned to my given names and birth gender without further surgery. My victory has come by allowing the Lord in my heart,becoming God-focused instead of self-centered, and am thankful for my birth sex and many blessings. despite the consequences and challenges. God has led me to witness His truth and love, and I can testify: indeed, God’s grace, mercy and truth do set one free.” – Robert John

God’s mercy is truly great, there is hope for all of us who have sinned against Him, if we sincerely repent, confess, and do penance.


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