7000 Migrants Land In Italy, Europe Braces For Summer “Enrichment”

It has been reported that 7000 migrants have arrived in Italy over the last two days. It is being reported that these migrants have been “rescued”.

What this means is the invading boats (extremely poorly constructed) were dragged to shore and the invaders were most likely welcomed into Europe.

That is how this works. If you can float somewhat near the Italian coast in your primitive over crowded dingy, congratulations! You get dragged to shore and you can start your new life, because doing otherwise would be “inhumane“.

Of course we at Intel Huxley realise that this isn’t simply “pathological altruism” on the part of the Italians, as some false opposition candidates would lead you to believe. This invasion is only possible because of very powerful agents in high places that constructed it for many years.

Enjoy the summer enrichment, Europe!



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