The Christian War On Usury: Only The Church Can Defeat Satan’s System

Usury is any financial transaction to where a stronger party takes advantage of a weaker party, epitomized by the compound interest loan. The Roman Catholic Church abased usury from the very beginning of the monetary system. By the 3rd century usury was banned for the clergy, the 4th saw this ban extended to the laity. Charlemagne led the legal charge against usury and made it a criminal offence in the 8th century.

You could say the “war on usury” was won when in 1311, Pope Clement V banned usury outright and decreed that all secular laws to the contrary were null and void. Pope Benedict XIV later declared that any and all compound interest loans were immoral; however much interest was charged. The reasoning was thus: If I give you a $100 loan, to receive more that $100 in return is usurious and sinful.

Jesus Christ, banishing the money-lenders from the temple.

Why is usury sinful? Here is a compact list:

Usury is unearned income: This fact means that usury turns money from a mediating agent of power to a self-perpetuating power sought for its own sake.

Usury is “double billing”: Fairly self-explanatory, a loan is akin to any other transaction of goods. Therefore, charging additional money on top of the loan is charging someone twice.

Usury is exploitation of the needy: The poor always suffer more through interest loans. They seek for more credit and have traditionally paid higher rates on their money.

Usury is an unfair redistribution of wealth: This practice literally ensures the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Usury creates economic instability: The practice leads to perpetual “boom and bust, recession and recovery” cycles.

Usury is “discounting the future”: Usury steals the children’s future, the logical conclusion being either the destruction of nature or necessity of periodic crashes, (we are seeing both).

Many people say that the relaxation on usury came at the time of the reformation, Calvin and Luther were both light on usury, but they still didn’t universally accept it like the pro-capitalist protestants of today… Henry VIII was another satanic “reformer” who ushered in higher interest rates in the paradoxically named: Act Against Usury, 1545.

This Satanic system in which we live thrives on usury, many have tried and failed to break this burdensome yoke, which heaps ruin on whoever it inflicts. The only body that has ever managed to defeat and outlaw the evil practice of usury is the Holy Roman Catholic Church. Secular attempts have always failed and always will do.

Usury is incredibly common in the western world, to where most of us accept it as completely normal. Why is this the case? Is it not the case that even ancient European thought-leaders condemned the practice?

“Plato (Laws, v. 742) and Aristotle (Politics, I, x,xi) considered interest as contrary to the nature of things; Aristophanes expressed his disapproval of it, in the “Clouds” (1283 sqq.); Cato condemned it (see Cicero, “De officiis, II, xxv), comparing it to homicide, as also did Seneca (De beneficiis, VII, x) and Plutarch in his treatise against incurring debts.” – Source

The Catholic encyclopedia goes on to state that certain groups were “let-off” for usurious practices, as unlike the Europeans who lived largely off their own labour, some did not:

“It is a curious fact that for a long time impunity in such matters was granted to Jews. The Fourth Council of the Lateran (1215), c. 27, only forbids them to exact excessive interest. Urban III, c. 12, “De usuris” (V. 19) and St. Louis in twenty-three of his regulations extended the prohibition to the Jews.” – Source

Curious indeed… The entire Hebrew-Masonic oppression system is built on the back of usury. This tyranny has enslaved most of the world at this point, it is important to highlight that the Church is the only body that has ever prevailed against it.

I think it’s fitting to end with this quote from the great paper where much of this insight was gleaned:

“If Judas Iscariot had invested his thirty pieces of silver at just a few percentage points compound, repayable in silver as of today, the amount of silver required would be equivalent to the weight of the Earth.”


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