UK Government Use “Terrorism” As An Excuse For Orwellian Surveillance

The UK government is pushing to ban encryption in a devastating new attack on the basic human right of privacy. Of course the stated reason is “terrorism”, it has been this way from the start; think of how many freedoms you have lost since September 11th. The rolling back of privacy rights and massive surveillance was one of the reasons for this false flag.

The proposed law would force tech companies to hand over private communications, these communications would by law have to be “in an intelligible form”, meaning, encryption is outlawed.

A draft document has been drawn up, this would be an addition to the Orwellian surveillance “Investigatory Powers Acts” of 2016. It would allow authorities to surveil citizens private internet communications in “near real-time”.

This should be devastating news to anyone who holds “right-wing” opinions in the UK (though unfortunately, this kind of surveillance will be prevalent all over). We know that the authorities are not concerned with monitoring Muslim terrorists, these type of laws will be mainly focussed on ethnic Europeans who hold “right-wing” opinions.

“It’s for your own safety”

Tech companies could also be forced to “modify” their products, in effect, creating back doors right from the store. I think it’s best to assume this has already been done.

Apparently, this decision comes to prevent Islamic murderers from using Whatsapp to plot their attacks; what a terrible and flimsy excuse to invade the publics privacy.

We all see what is at play here, this is nothing to do with terrorism, which has probably been imported partially for this very reason; mass surveillance.


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