Pick-Up Artistry: Adapting to the Disorder

Men are struggling to meet women in this degenerate era. Was this always the case? Did 10% of the men always have sex with 90% of the women? The answer is no. This kind of hedonistic promiscuity was not the norm, in addition to this men and women were expected to get married young; and they did.

If you are reading this, however socially awkward you might be; your ancestors have been very good at finding a mate and reproducing thus far. There is nothing innately wrong with you in regards to women, other than the decadent society we live in. (If this is speaking to you, read to the end where we offer an alternative to “Pick-Up”.)

Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, and Mind Control are the basis of where Pick-Up theory originates. The modern-day Pick-Up organisations have distanced themselves from these aspects but still hold on to some techniques.

Pick Up artists use special acronyms and code words for various things. If you were to first delve into one of their discussions you would practically need a manual to decipher what was being said. A “set” is an interaction with a woman, “running patterns” is a hilariously sad aspect of early Pick Up, where pre-arranged “routines” would be repeated over and over again.

With this is mind, is it any wonder that these men, usually already slightly awkward, become even more awkward and disordered socially?

One of the original “PUA’s”, Mystery. Real name “Markovik”

What does all this mean? Did men of the past use patterns and routines to woo women? Absolutely not. The whole thing is foreign to European courtship as it is entirely the creation of subversive foreign elements. These elements are the selfsame parasites behind robotic “systems” like Neuro-Linguistic Programming… Not to mention the Pornography industry and the “feminist” movement, which are both intentional attacks on western values and people.

The prevalence of this Hebrew-Masonic system is an indication of how decadent we have become.

When you damage women with feminism, men will damage themselves to appeal to these women without even realising it. (Read, “MGTOW: Men Genocide Themselves Over Women” where we touch on the disordered nature of females and how this has been intentionally manufactured.)

When you damage men with pornography, making them socially anxious and awkward, they are prime candidates to be further damaged with the mechanical and morally vacuous practices Pick-Up promotes.

The amazing thing is, men involved in Pick-Up don’t even understand they are adapting to disordered women, making themselves disordered to where they see every interaction as something akin to a computer program.

The goal of all of these socially engineered creeds was always to destroy male-female relations. We can see how succesful this has been, as the birth rates plummet and ethnically European people are fast on the road to extinction.

Many will argue that Pick-Up is just a form of self-improvement, as some of the more self-aware Pick-Up organisations have tried to frame it. But despite this, the truth is that these organisations still churn out manipulative, insecure, robotic young men; looking to bolster their self-esteem with hedonistic excesses. All the while they have utterly warped their view of male-female interactions, and interactions with other people in general. This is having an untold negative effect on these people’s lives.

It would be much better for men to recognise what has led to these problems, and seek appropriate solutions that do not involve adapting to a disorder…

Read this article: “Masturbation Destroys Male Vitality: You’ve Been Lied To”. It would do men more good to quit masturbation and pornography, than it would to take infinite amounts of Pick-Up “lessons”. (It would be much cheaper too.)

Crippling social anxiety in young men is a new phenomenon, it is created for the most part by the hormonal imbalance that sexual excess causes. The epidemic of young men who cannot function correctly around women can be cured with celibacy, at the very least by refraining from masturbation.

Confidence and charisma are the outward manifestations of inward sexual energy. A state of genuine confidence is a mans natural state, both arrogance (false confidence) and insecurity (lack of confidence) are indicative of a severe deregulation of a mans sexual energies.

As a final thought, if masturbation and pornography did not exist, neither would Pick-Up Artistry… Masturbation and pornography have damaged young mens relationships with women more than anything, and they have been taught that it is healthy.

If you find this claim ridiculous in any way, here is a challenge: Try complete celibacy for four weeks… Just one month, and see if your life doesn’t change forever because of it. If you can’t refrain from masturbation and sex for one month, frankly; you have no right to find anything ridiculous.


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