#MacronLeaks, Will the Right Be Fooled Again?

#MacronLeaks is a manufactured psychological operation in order to get puppet Marine Le Pen into office.

If you think “populism” is genuine in any way, please read: “The False Song of Populism”.

#MacronLeaks will be used as an excuse to blame Russia for Le Pens victory, thus priming the public for war.

When and if this war comes about, Nationalism will be blamed, even though these actors like Trump are just that; actors.

It boggles the mind at how the general public (the “right” specifically) fail to notice basic patterns. Does nobody find it at all strange that these populist figures popped up at exactly the same time, with the exact same modus operandi?

Does nobody find it strange that the French election is taking the exact same shape as the US one? Even down to leaked emails and scandals, (hilariously timed right before the election “blackout”). Macron is playing corrupt Clinton. Le Pen is playing savior Trump. The scandals that are hitting Macron are absolutely manufactured. His team came out immediately to verify the hack, it is blinding obvious what this is.

They said:

“The En Marche! Movement has been the victim of a massive and coordinated hack this evening which has given rise to the diffusion on social media of various internal information.”

We hit on #MacronGate, where allegedly some of Macron’s documents were leaked, in this article. It is clear absolutely no one could have got access to these documents other than someone incredibly close to Macron or Macron himself…

If this is too conspiratorial for you, fine. But this is the extent to which world events are controlled by extremely manipulative entities in high places.

If you support Le Pen, prepare to be let down, potentially led to war, and then blamed for said war.


le pen
Marine Le Puppet


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