#MacronGate Setting Up Puppet Le Pen for a Win?

We have made it very clear that if you don’t want to be duped you should not be putting your faith in totally controlled “populist” figures. Populism is almost certainly entirely manufactured to co-opt the budding right-wing awakening throughout the western world.

Read: The False Song of Populism for more on this.

We are not saying that #MacronGate is fake, by no means. It came to our attention days ago that Mr Macron could have been involved in deals with huge sums involved, it was also alleged that Macron’s tax figures didn’t seem to add up with these sums.

The thing that people are failing to realise is that no one gets to run for president if they are anti-establishment. Putting a past Rothschild banker against the false savior Le Pen is just another example of how easily tricked the elites think the public is.

The Rothschild’s have become another bogeyman, just like George Soros, so their name being associated openly with any candidate is predictably going to cause a stir. They certainly turn this fact to their advantage.

We are not going to state explicitly whether the documents are genuine or not, I will let you go and look into them. What is clear is that these documents could not have been leaked by anyone other than someone extremely close to Macron, or Macron himself.


Of course whichever way this goes it only benefits the masters of creating win-win situations. The people don’t lose faith in the system. If Macron wins they get a puppet in office and these documents were all a Russian fraud, thus priming the French public for a massive scale war with Russia.

If Le Pen wins they get a puppet in office and the French people get their kosher catharsis… These document are still a Russian fraud in this version of events aswell, priming the French public for a massive scale war with Russia.

If Le Pen wins, prepare to never hear the end of Russian meddling in the election. It’s almost like these things are following the exact same script…

If you want us to go on record and say who we think will be chosen, we’d go for Le Pen, but it will be “close”.

Macron is the corrupt Hillary Clinton of this little drama, Le Pen is playing the savior Trump. The only losers are the people who think it is real.

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