The Only Thing That Can Save the West Is a Resurgence of Christianity

Most on the “right” who are awake to the issues currently facing the west are extremely concerned about what their future will look like. It is widely accepted that Christian Europe didn’t have the problems we have today, Christian Europe didn’t fall into degeneracy like we now have. Christian Europe could defend its land and wouldn’t be imposed upon by subversive foreign elements.

Yet all we hear from false opposition “alt right” talking heads (like Richard Spencer) is the idea that we must abandon Christianity entirely. Many people are echoing this view, this is their logic: “The west is in crisis, it faces absolute degeneration and dissolution in the coming years, Christian Europe didn’t have these problems, but we should move past Christianity.”

When it comes to these popular figures on the right, you must harken back to Jesus’ words if you are intent on helping the situation: “He that is not with me is against me.” What this means in this regard is simple: If you are talking about saving the West and its people, but are not talking about returning to Christianity; you are not helping anyone.

Many of these popular figures are false opposition used to divert and deflect away from various key issues. Whether they are deflecting from the perpetrators, or the solution: they are designed to distract.

The primary attack on Europe has been on Christianity and Christian values. Whether its pornography, inverting naturally created gender roles, or profaning marriage; this assault is on Christianity first and Europeans as a people second.

Let us be clear: we are in no way shape or form advocating an empty, materialistic adoption of Christianity to turn the tides on our materialistic problems. God forbid. Such a tact would not profit anyone anyway… We are advocating a total return to Christ because Jesus Christ is Lord, and we are under judgement.

What Changed?

If we are to deal with a problem we must first figure out how and why the problem emerged. You’ve all heard the saying: Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men which in turn create bad times; thus completing the cycle. This is partially truthful. However a tried and tested pattern that always emerges looks like this: Decadent and evil civilisations lead to pious and genuine Christian awakenings, pious and genuine Christian awakenings lead to prosperous and bountiful civilisations; these prosperous and bountiful times lead to hedonistic and selfish men; which in turn plunges them and their descendants into a decadent and evil situation yet again.

Which end of this cycle do you think we are at?

Both China and Russia have seen incredibly genuine Christian awakenings after being through the living hell of communism, where the faith is suppressed. Russia are ahead in this process, and the pious example of Christianity displayed by their Orthodox Church is ample evidence. China’s Christian population has boomed in a massive way, there are now more Christians in China than members of the Communist Party, and these figures are set to rise. China is predicted to be the largest Christian country in 2030.

The Wests decline is directly correlated with the decline of Christianity.

Europe and Christianity can not just be severed at the hip without a massive fallout. Why is this? Because Europe was built on the back of Christianity, even Rome herself was saved from massive degeneracy and filth by Christian values. Do not fall for the prideful lie that we can simply remove the cornerstone of European civilisation and not face any consequences. God will withdraw His blessings, God with withdraw His grace, and you can see the fruit of that today.

If we want to know what Europeans used to value, maybe look to the many buildings that they dedicated centuries to create. This one took 600 years. (Duomo di Milano, constructed began 1386, completed 1965.)

Even from a purely practical standpoint, Islam has been the barbarian at the gates of Europe virtually since its inception. Only now, without the strong in-group that Christianity creates, has Islam seemingly positioned itself in such a way as looking to dominate where it had only failed in the past.

Look at what our nations have turned into, yet people who complain about this plight still run further from the faith, some even blame Christianity for the very degeneration caused by its absence; the height of absurdity!

The only thing that is going to roll back the devastating changes that the west is undergoing is a radical returning to Christ, and with it a total resurgence of Christianity.

If you are in agreement with these views, it is your duty to do everything from this instant that you can to further a Christian reawakening in the west. This is absolutely imperative. The time for missionaries to third world countries is over for now, just like charity, Christianity must start at home.


13 thoughts on “The Only Thing That Can Save the West Is a Resurgence of Christianity

  1. Stopped reading after you said the Orthodox Church is pious. You must be a Westerner who’s never lived in Eastern Europe. The Orthodox Church is insanely corrupt.


    1. I’m certainly not talking about the upper echelons of the Orthodox Church. I’m talking about the average Christian in Russia for example, who are incredibly pious compared to most Western Christians.


  2. I wholeheartedly agree, The Time is now . We must have an awakening, a revival or whatever you want to call it.
    So we may ; go and teach all nations that Jesus Christ is Lord. “I am who am” The Way, the Truth and the Life.

    Jerry F. Vierling

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  3. Orthodox Church is far more nationalist conservative with no concession to modernism, they have survive under arabs ottoman tatars persian mongol communism etc…only some people ae corrupts not the church

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  4. I agree with the sentiment and I favor Christian civilization, but what do you think a (western chauvinist nationalist) non-Christian ally can / should do to support this revival?


    1. I think this “Western chauvinist nationalist” should convert to Christianity. The cute answer (which many Christians on the right give) would be; “as long as you’re united in the struggle brothers…” You get the picture. These (mainly “right stuff”) affiliated Christians are kidding themselves for a few views. Christianity is the solution and lack of Christianity is the problem. Light has no fellowship with darkness. If you’re not with Christ you are against Him.

      Thank you for your question, it’s a good one. As soon as we collectively snap out of the “neither-here-nor-there” delusion our nations will be healed. We need to pick a side. I can assure you that the church and the service of Christ is the right side, and most fulfilling.

      I hope you make the right choice, convert to Christianity and confront the devil. Be a part of the revival. It has to start with you.


  5. I do not agree with “RIK”. We cannot, in all charity, turn our backs on refugees and immigrants, and still call ourselves “Christians”!


    1. You think being a Christian means destroying your nation by allowing subversive influencers in high places to flood said nation with economic migrants who are hostile to everything you hold dear?

      You are mistaken. Think of your children.


  6. 100% correct, UK is at similar time to start of Elizabeth I rule, almost entirely irreligious. UK 90% non attendance at church, US 80%. Idolizing depraved football players and celebrities instead.

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  7. What do you say about Islam itself being the response to the degenerate, hedonistic society? What would happen if Europeans all rapidly converted to Islam, before they had the chance to be bred out or genocided (as the pagans did when faced with Christianity)? They are inevitably going to embrace an ideology that restricts immoral behavior, it seems like Islam can do the job just fine, and they have been conditioned to reject Christianity and submit to Islam. A nation of European Muslims would be quite the force of nature.


    1. Maybe I haven’t been clear, I am not a materialist. Returning to Christ is not a materialistic venture. Islam is a satanic lie and will lead to only evil.

      The blessings of Christianity on a nation come from God. That is it.

      Christianity is the truth, which is why it brings such great blessings with it. Islam, brings only more degeneration and moral decay. Islamic countries are by no means moral or upright. They are probably just a sexual degenerate (if not more so) than the west, just in different ways.

      God bless you


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