Rabbi Unwittingly Tweets Steve Bannon’s Super Secret “Strategy Board”

Look at the photo below, look how this Rabbi just happens to tweet out Bannon’s super secret strategy board by mistake!

If you would like to go and zoom in on the board you will find a list of campaign promises with very generous “ticks” next to them

I hope the sarcasm was palpable. This is (in our opinion) a publicity stunt, intentionally crafted to show just how well Mr Trump has been doing. Look at the way the photo is angled, also take into consideration the occasion that Trump adviser Kobach “leaked” a document regarding the wall. (Pictured below.)

Do you believe your overlords are this careless?

How gullible do you have to be to believe these things are genuine? I cannot answer that question. I can however point out that this calibre of person doesn’t just “leak” things they don’t want leaked in prepared photos… Think about it in application:

Rabbi: “Can we have a picture Steve?”

Steve Bannon: “Sure you can great ally!”

Rabbi: “Okay, lets just position ourselves here in front of this board!”

Steve Bannon: “Great!”

Of course I jest here, but seriously; this is preplanned Bannon trickery. The American public has been proven incredibly easily tricked on multiple occasions. One instance being actually believing Donald Trump was an outsider, and not an entirely controlled puppet. Another being the idea that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are on different sides and not just playing a part akin to a hollywood drama. A third (and final I will share) is the public believing that Kushner is manipulating Trump and Bannon is the “good guy” facing internal difficulties… Again, they are all on the same side.

All this proves is that Bannon believes Trump fans are so easily manipulated that he can flash a white board full of campaign promises with ticks next to them, and they will think they haven’t in fact been duped, despite all evidence to the contrary.

Do not make the mistake of underestimating your overlords.

Read: “The False Song of Populism” to break out of this conditioned catharsis.


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