MGTOW: Men Genocide Themselves Over Women

I think the title alone is enough to adequately sum up the MGTOW movement. “MGTOW”, or Men Going Their Own Way, is the Hegelian “anti-thesis” of feminism… It’s the opposite side of the same coin. The end result or “synthesis”, being the complete and total evaporation of the people it has been used against… Namely, people of native European stock, wherever they are living throughout the world.

What is most troubling is the fact that many on the “right” appear to lend credence to this worldview. They acknowledge the fact that their people are currently being dissolved with falling birthrates and mass importation of foreign populations, yet they seem to heap blame on women, and encourage others to do the same.

Treating women badly and being bitter regarding them is a weak and feminine trait. That is not to say this behaviour is unfathomable given the present climate. Feminism and brutal cultural subversion have damaged modern women in such a way that they are beyond recognition. This attack on women was aimed at targeting their biggest flaws, such as vanity, and bringing them to the forefront.

Let’s be very clear; the attack on women was engineering wholly to turn our men and women against one another; thus lowering the birth rates and furthering the stated goal. (Read: “The UN’s Population Replacement Plan You Probably Haven’t Hear Of”)

If you are someone subscribing to the MGTOW movement, or someone who adheres to the anti-woman sentiment instilled by pickup culture; you have fallen prey to the selfsame mind virus that feminists have.


Women are the victim of feminism and degenerate modernity, they should not be hated for the results. Rather, we should pity and help them overcome it; because they are only hurting themselves and their children. This only leads to high rates of unhappiness for women as the stats show. Do you really believe that these women are intentionally trying to erase their legacy and make themselves suffer while doing it? Of course not, they have been duped like many men have, not recognizing the times in which they live.

As men we should be looking out for the weakest amongst us, we should be comforting the sick, and educating the ignorant. If these people knew what we know, they would not behave the way they do. Therefore, it is important always to bear in mind the fact that this is a deliberate attack, and we should not shun the people it has hit the hardest.

MGTOW, like feminism, has some vaguely positive and truthful aspects. It could not be successful any other way. The basic credo of the MGTOW movement is this: “Modern women are decadent, vain, and manipulative, the best choice for a man is to completely divorce himself from them and live alone.”

They fail to ask the question; “why are modern women this way?”

The first part of this statement is true, but the solution is insane and unnatural in every way. Men actively separating themselves from women, what if the men of the past did this? We would not be here today.

If this separation from women came in the form celibacy, it wouldn’t be a particularly bad thing. Once a man becomes completely celibate for any length of time, it is virtually impossible for him to cling on to anything as weak and effeminate as hating women. However, this separation often comes in the form of advocating the use of prostitutes, while opportunistically snatching a one night stand here and there… They advocate simultaneously living alone, hoarding money for oneself, and living a bachelors life indefinitely. Because life is about consumerism, not having any responsiblity, and pointless hedonism, isn’t it?

Can you imagine what a traditional man from the 1920’s, or the 1820’s, or the 1720’s, would think about this pathetic and selfish existence? A man burrowing himself away from women (usually due to past hurt and bitterness), while neglecting all basic male duties like providing a good life for wife and progeny… “What kind of existence is that?” Would probably be the question. In fact, they probably couldn’t even comprehend the suicidal concept.

Men used to value self-sacrifice, serving others, and bearing the weight of adversity so women and children didn’t have to. Where have those men gone?

Hegelian-DialecticOf course, all that this manufactured women hatred does is push more women away from men and into the clutches of poisonous ideologies like feminism, which in turn leads men to poisonous ideologies like MGTOW. Do you see how this works? The thesis (feminism et al) and the anti-thesis (MGTOW et al) will duke it out until the synthesis (ethnic dissolution) is achieved.

This is why “false opposition” infiltrators are currently attempting to steer the right away from its traditional enemies, and framing women as the source of all problems. This pathetic attempt is blindingly obvious to me, we may discuss this at length in another article. It suffices to say, when you see a popular right-wing personality take this tact; they are perpetuating and supporting the displacement of a people.

To conclude, when it comes to MGTOW the problem is real, but the solution is not a solution and is designed to destroy. A better solution would be to address the real cause; a subversive attempt to destroy a group of people by certain foreign elements. These elements being predominantly made up of Hebrew-masonic influencers in high places. A real solution would be to attempt to educate whoever will listen on the dangers of these kinds of ideologies.

As as the new acronym; “Men Genocide Themselves Over Women” suggests, men who decide to “go their own way” will hurt themselves primarily. Working hard and baring strain alone for the sake of your wife and children is the greatest and most fulfilling act any man can carry out. It’s going to be hard to find a wife who has not been affected by the mind virus, but divorcing yourself from nature herself and committing mass suicide is not a solution for anything. Neither is creating more damaged women by inadvertently pushing them over to that way of being.

With God’s help we will reverse this insidious social engineering and return to the natural order as it was designed, beautifully, with one man and one women becoming one flesh.


8 thoughts on “MGTOW: Men Genocide Themselves Over Women

  1. Change the anti-male legal system to a level playing field and we may come back. Otherwise this article is just more tradcon “man up and marry the slut for the good of society” drivel. You are suggesting that individual suicide for a woman is noble at the same time you suggest that mass self preservation is genocide. Just like women, you want your cake and eat it too. If you want to argue against MGTOW you need to up your rhetorical game.


    1. It is very difficult to understand what you are talking about here… I know the legal system is stacked against men, which is a part of destorying the nuclear family. (And no, women didn’t make it this way.)

      Men are not being genocided by women… European men and women are both the target, and ideologies like feminism and MGTOW are just two heads of the same serpent.

      “You are suggesting that individual suicide for a woman is noble at the same time you suggest that mass self preservation is genocide.”

      This is completely absurd and I have difficulty understanding how you could get this from the article. Men not breeding with women is suicidal. Women not breeding with men is suicidal. Neither MGTOW or feminism are noble.

      MGTOW is not “self preservation”. It may be “selfish preservation”. The survival instinct is not just about saving YOURSELF. The survival instinct is wrapped up in securing the survival of the next generation.

      You tell me which one of these is statisfying the survival instinct and which one is suicidal:

      1) Wrapping yourself in bubble wrap, avoiding all pain/danger, and refusing to pass on your genes.

      2) Putting yourself in harms way for your wife and children, even until death.

      We both know which one is natural and noble. The other is the complete betrayal of both major instincts (reproduction and survival).

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  2. “While neglecting all basic male duties like providing a good life for wife and progeny”

    So that is my basic duty?
    That is not enough.
    It is too small a place for me.


    1. Notice, “duties”, in this case being something as basic as breathing. It’s your basic duty to breath, you wouldn’t say, “that’s too little for me” because it is one of the basic tenants of existence that you do as a base for everything else.

      Thinking about continuing your bloodline and providing for your family is a “basis male duty”. It’s something that has always been a basic cornersone of being a man, neglecting it is a seperationg from nature. However, this doesn’t mean that your “duties” or other activities stop at starting a family. This is just a fundamental part of manhood.


  3. Here’s an Idea why don’t you worry about your self and what the f@## your doing in your life. I’ll decide what I am going to do with my life, not some over eager make see me writing an article telling you point your life in a direction you may not want go as of the moment. As far as make another bitter woman news flash guy.not all guys are assholes maybe your boyfriend broke your heart, hey you know what that’s life your probably better off not jumping into another relationship like some of people who couldn’t make it if they didn’t have the support partner. Im living proof I didn’t die when I left my last relationship.i love worrying about me, being selfish,doing whatever I want. Keep your screwed up relationships. I’m a work in progress you don’t like that….so.


    1. This article is the truth regard MGTOW. It’s a destructive psyop intended to destroy the European people. Just like feminism is…


  4. I like many of the posts in this site, but I disagree with this article.

    MGTOWs are solving the problem for themselves, on the best way possible, considering the conditions they are in.

    Wanting to destroy feminism and gynocentrism is useless, it would be like a small group with a few thousand men tried to fight against hundreds of millions. So they do the second best thing they can, which is saving themselves from the theft, humiliation and damage of interacting/dating the modern western woman.

    There is absolutely nothing you can do to make things better for yoruself when you are surrounded by white knight cucks who will gladly jump in to defend and fight for any person with a vagina between their legs.

    I am sorry but MGTOWs are simply trying to survive this ocean of bullshit.


    1. Thank you for your message.

      I agree that the motivations behind MGTOW are that of self-preservation, I understand the war on men is very real. However, I am looking at this in terms of the genocide of Native European people, and MGTOW is facilitating this genocide, regardless of motive.

      I am going to do an article called “Selfish Preservation” about this a little more. Frankly, I am not concerned over men’s finances; I am concerned with the dissolution of an entire people. I am concerned with men and women being intentionally turned on one another by a foreign entity, and blaming each other for it; fulfilling said entites goal.

      The end point of a whole race of men seperating themselves from women (MGTOW) is no more babies, and therefore; the end of the race in question. Which has been the stated goal of feminism from the beginning.

      Just to be clear, feminism is a foregin cultural marxist mind virus. It has been inflicted on white women as a weapon, therefore blaming feminists or women in general is incorrect.

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