Warhawk President Trump Sends Nuclear Bombers Over Korean Peninsula

President of Zion Donald Trump is really pushing for all out war wherever he can get it. He’s conducting more drills in conjunction with South Korea while squeezing North Korea’s boundaries with the presence of US warships. (Read this article about Donald Trump imperialist warmongering.)

I bet there are a whole host of “alt-righters” elated at this development. “Go Trump! Go USA!” After all the recent developments with Trump, “I’m a globalist” being the most recent, I can’t fathom how anyone can still not see what he is… A pawn, a dupe, and a puppet of subversive elements in prominent places.

Donald Trump is hurting you with this garbage. Read: North Korea Is Not a Threat to the United States.

nintchdbpict000320353332-e1493547656932.jpgAll Donald Trump is doing is adopting an extremely aggressive foreign policy which benefits certain foreign influencers, not the American people.

This comes in the wake of China stating that Donald Trump must immediately remove the United States THAAD defence system, which is active in South Korea.

“We oppose the deployment of the THAAD system in (South Korea) and urge relevant sides to immediately stop the deployment. We will firmly take necessary measures to uphold our interests.” – Said the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman.

The controversial system has been active since deployment in July, so Donald Trump doesn’t get all the credit here. However, Donald Trump does get the credit for successfully duping the American “right”, which has virtually lapped up the cool aid leading only to their further disillusionment.

I don’t think people understand the stakes at play here: Donald Trump was selected partially because he can rally the white American for war better than Hillary can.

We are seeing a ramping up of globalist wars with the ushering in of Trump, who is quickly marching us towards a massive altercation that people don’t seem to see coming.


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