School Murderer Kendrex White and the “Black Hebrew Israelite” Idea

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that Kendrex White actually filmed a mock video of himself stabbing people. (Source.) “Got News” said this about the video:

“The grainy, 14-minute video, entitled “Haitian Revolution” shows the 21 year old mass stabbing suspect, who is black, playing Haitian historical figure Dutty Boukman. Boukman was an early revolutionary leader who plotted the mass executions of Haitian whites in the 1790s.” – From this article

It does now appear to be the case that this could have been racially motivated. The point of this article is to highlight the double standard that exists today. Can you imagine the outrage if this man had been white and created a video like this with the roles reversed? 

Despite the Hebrew writing, the hebrew prayer shawl, and other clues: It is unclear whether Kendrex believed he was a descendent of the Ancient Israelites. All that matters is the fact that the mainstream media is completely silent on all of this, and the authorities will not touch anything that suggests this kind of motivation; it goes against their agenda. They would rather end the investigation with; “it was a random attack”.

Got News continued in their article by saying this:

“During the Haitian revolution, white women and children were specifically targeted for death.

Though Austin police have not commented about White’s motivations, early campus rumors are that White targeted members of fraternities who were wearing their Greek letters.

Fraternities at the university have been subject to recent vandalism by hysterics who accuse them of furthering white supremacy and enabling rape. A manifesto from the vandals was printed on the website of terrorist front It’s Going Down.”

It is strange that this angle has not been investigated in any way shape or form. If you would like to watch the video allegedly made by Kendrex, visit this article.

The Black Hebrew Israelites are a group of “Christian” heretics who claim to be the real descendents of the biblical Israelites. Just like the white Christian Identity heretics, this group lacks the historical perspective of the early church, which states the ancient Israelites were cast off after the slaying of Christ, the “new Israel” being the Christian church. I think if they had this perspective they would not be so inclined to pridefully delude themselves into this kind of heresy.

(It is clear that many people have never heard of this idea, which makes it very clear they have never read the Early Church Fathers.)

Justin Martyr (about 100 to 165 AD): “For the true spiritual Israel … are we who have been led to God through this crucified Christ.”


Tertullian (c. 155 – c. 240 AD): “Who else, therefore, are understood but we, who, fully taught by the new law, observe these practices,—the old law being obliterated, the coming of whose abolition the action itself demonstrates … Therefore, as we have shown above that the coming cessation of the old law and of the carnal circumcision was declared, so, too, the observance of the new law and the spiritual circumcision has shone out into the voluntary observances of peace.”


Kendrex White after the attack

Kendrex White is a 21-year-old University of Texas student, on Monday he stabbed four people on the colleges Austin campus. Predictably, the police has said the motivation was unclear. Harrison Brown is the alleged victim who died.

The victim, Harrison Brown.

The first hint that Kendrex might have believed in the Israelite idea came when we found his twitter, one of his latest tweets before the attack simply states: “Yahushua” with a cross symbol and a star of David. While there is nothing sinister about the Hebrew name for Jesus, this tweet screams “Black Hebrew Israelite”. Mainly because people who believe this idea are the only ones who use both the cross symbol and the star of David together. They are also one of the few Christian groups that use the hebrew name for Jesus.

Kendrex released a snapchat video right before the attack, in it he was holding a long staff and wearing a prayer shawl, typically called a “Tallit” which is a type of religious scarf worn by Jewish people. The shawl had hebrew writing on it… Numerous people have pointed out that this might be related to some religious “hebrew” idea. It is also important to note that the killers apparel on the day of the attack looks akin to something someone from these groups would wear; headband and all.

One comment from an individual states the following: “He is part of the Black Hebrew cult which is on campus in Austin. That’s what the bandana is and a friend knew the guy.” We have no way to confirm this, as it is a comment in response to a local news article. However, if you look at the local news outlets reporting on this story, there are many comments claiming they have some kind of personal information regarding the activity of “black Hebrew” elements on the Austin college campus… Many people are making the link.

That’s right!

Many people are saying this murder was the result of a person with lofty ambitions trying to become a physician, simply breaking under the strain. Whatever the case we cannot state definitively what the motive was, but these cues certainly indicate this man could have subscribed to a “Black Hebrew” ideology or some derivative thereof.

Just like many of the other incidents of this kind, there seem to be many reports of a second knife man. Whether this is due to confusion around these terrible events or something else; we could not tell you.

There isn’t enough here to prove anything conclusively… One thing we know for sure, if the roles were reversed, the “hate crime” angle would be the first explored motive, and the Marxist News Media would probably have a field day.


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