Rebelious Catholic Heretics Ordain Female Priest

The association of Roman Catholic Women Priests ordained a female priest on Sunday in Asheville. I don’t think it profits much to irrevocably state that these heretics are not Roman Catholics, and as such it is absolutely impossible for them to ordain anyone a priest, male or female.

Abigail Eltzroth is the name of this subversive heretic who feels very good about usurping authority over the church, clearly thinking she knows better than God. It’s also clear that she feels like she will go entirely unpunished when face to face with her creator, as the picture that follows demonstrates…

“Hello fellow priests”

The “ordination” ceremony happened at “Jubilee”, a nondenominational group of heretics who like to pretend to be Christians while inverting Gods natural order. hilariously, nondenominational fake Bishop Bridget Mary Meehan presided over the phony ceremony.

This is what Abigail Eltzroth had to say:

“It’s time for a change and we’re in the forefront, leading the charge. We expect that eventually everybody is going to follow us.”

The pride and hubris of this statement is unfathomable, along with the evil intention of actively pushing heresy further. How anyone can feel entitled to try to overturn Gods design, which has been carried out by the church for 2000 years is beyond my comprehension.

Eltzroth claims she will start a fake church of her own in the Asheville area, where she will be giving out fake sacraments and leading the fickle astray. I imagine she will be preaching the “progressive” doctrine of liberalism (Satanism) rather than Christianity.

The association of Roman Catholic Women Priests boasts that it has created 250 fake priests, and 10 fake bishops; sending them out into the world like Charles Manson sends little spiders made of human hair from his prison cell.

Predictably, Eltzroth is a fan of “progressive” pope Francis, she admires his stances on social justice in the civil arena; but wants to inflict this Satanic garbage on the Catholic institution as well.

What was it that Paul said about not conforming to this evil world? I’m sure Eltzroth and “The association of Women Pretending to be Priests” doesn’t care much about that; because they know better.

What we know is that this “progressive” new world is falling further into massive degeneracy and spiritual decay, and labelling it “progress”. And Eltzroth is “leading the charge.”

I’m sure the Nicene Creed will be replaced with the liberal creed in Eltzroth’s new church; “do what thou wilt”.

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” – Isaiah 5:20


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