May Day: Communist Flags Fly In London While Paris Burns

The days of Morris dancing and merriment on May-day are long gone. Now, what you see is violent left-wing terrorists brandishing the blood-red flag of their diabolical creed while committing shameful and cowardly acts of violence.

After the unfathomable horror that Communism has caused you would think that these people would be widely denounced, but don’t hold your breath; the Marxist News Media is always eager to cover up their misdeeds. preferring to drum into the public consciousness a fear of right-wing fascists.

In London John McDonnell, the UK labour parties shadow chancellor spoke to the rabid crowd and urged them to support Sleepy Jeremy Corbyn. The hammer and sickle flags were flying and so was the image of the butcher Stalin.

A sorry sight at Trafalgar Square

John McDonnell finished his speech with this:

“This is our opportunity brothers and sisters. Some of us have worked for this for all our lives. The message is this: Carpe Diem. Seize the moment. This is our chance. Take it brothers and sisters. Solidarity.”

This is a rallying cry to radical communists who will destroy whatever they lay their grubby hands on. The alternative isn’t much better, but I think it should be an imperative that the British people reject Jeremy Corbyn and the doctrine he represents.

Comically, after the speech was finished one activist told the crowd to “keep clapping” in a Jeb Bush like fashion.

In Paris the story was much the same but more violent. “Paris is burning” is a statement that is actually becoming rather mundane and ordinary in these troubling times. And if it isn’t, I suggest you turn off the Marxist News Media who would rather report nothing than expose the reality of their multicultural utopia.

Antifa push burning shopping cart into police in Paris

Six police officers were injured in the city of love during the marches, one suffering third degree burns to his hand and face. These anti-fascism, communist groups were armed with molotov cocktail and other weapons. We have said it before and we will keep saying it, this is a very serious issue… All the signs point towards this Bolshevik style violence escalating in severity.

It is a bitter consolation that the great men of France and England are no longer here to see what is happening in the capitals that they forged.


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