East Dallas Shooting – Possibly a Retaliation for Police Homicide

There has been multiple shooting victims on Reynolds Avenue in East Dallas. The suspect is said to be a black male about 5 foot 8 inches tall, suspect is said to be at large and local citizens are advised to avoid the area.

The shooting took place during a response to an emergency call. It is not yet known if the call was used to lure the emergency service personnel to the scene in order to carry out the attack.

It might be of some value to note that over the weekend, a black teenager has been killed by a Dallas police officer with a rifle. We have absolutely no reason to believe these two are connected other than the timing.

Jordan Edwards was shot by a Balch Springs officer, the shooting has just been ruled a homicide. The timing of these two events leads us to believe there is a possibility that they are related. The way in which it has been reported the emergency services could have been “lured” to the scene seems to lend credence to this idea.


Police shooting victim Jordan Edwards


As is often the case with these type of events, some details appear to be confused. There are some reports that a Paramedic was shot, while most are stating that it was a firefighter.

We will be updating this post as greater clarity becomes available.

UPDATE: Victim is a Dallas Fire and Rescue service EMT who is in critical condition. One other victim confirmed as being shot.



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