Turkish Dictator Erdogan Bans Wikipeadia to Avoid Being Called a Turkish Dictator

This is one of those stories that is summed up pretty well in the title. The Turkish government has blocked Wikipedia without giving an official reason. If we consider for a moment that Erdogan seems to want to recreate the Ottoman empire, this moves makes some sense… Take into account the fact that the Ottoman empire banned the printing press for almost 300 years, a fact that many Turkish people seem to call a “myth”. Erdogan seems to want to revive this proud Ottoman tradition.


The word “dictator” appears in Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Wikipedia page a grand total of fourteen times, is this the reason for the complete shut down of Wikipedia, or has the Turkish dictator more to hide?


I will silence everyone who calls me a dictator!


It seems an odd website to censor, there is not much intellectual depth on Wikipedia, despite its usefulness. Any ban on a site like Wikipedia surely must be a lashing out at unfavourable opinions being consumed by the general public, rather than a vast conspiracy fermenting dissent with complex and determined vigour.

Ironically, I may be able to shine a light on the apparent pettiness of the despot by quoting the Wikipedia article he allegedly took issue with:

“In February 2015, a 13-year-old child was arrested after allegedly criticising Erdoğan on Facebook. In 2016, a waiter was arrested for not serving tea to Erdoğan.”

As an aside to this, in 2014 Erdogan issued a ban on Twitter vowing to “wipe it out”… Strange tactic.

So there you have it, Erdogan is rather petty; I don’t think it would profit anyone anything to spend any more time on this.


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