Donald Trump: “I’m Both a Nationalist and a Globalist”

Trump allegedly backed out of his position on NAFTA after phone calls from both Mexico and Canada. Peña Nieto of Mexico and Justin Trudeau of Canada apparently urged him to stay, both making phone calls to Trump within the same hour. To Donald Trumps credit he did campaign on a vow to either pull out or “renegotiate” NAFTA. I guess we will have to see what shape this renegotiation takes, if it happens at all.

I would not be surprised if this turned into another Trump U-turn, with him changing his mind on an incredible amount of issues in such a short time.

Worryingly, Trump said: “Hey, I’m a nationalist and a globalist.” This kind of open fluidity between two intrinsically opposed things is not a virtue. I believe the cornerstone of Trumps philosophy is; “whatever works”, which doesn’t bode well for Trump loyalists.

Trumps flexibility reminds me of something, the leaked Clinton email when she said she favoured a “public and a private position” on key issues. Clearly this strategy is taken to dupe the unwitting public. Trump initially stated that the wall was his first priority, which he would get underway immediately. During the latest budget, Trump said he was okay with not getting funding for the wall, leaving it until 2018. Additionally, Trump stated he wouldn’t reveal any details of his tax plan until congress passes a health-care overhaul, he “backed off” on that one too.


So the NAFTA disaster is just the latest unexpected stop on the Trump train. We believe Mr Trump simply made an easy “out” for himself with this particular campaign promise… Walking back the wall will be much more difficult.

If you don’t like feeling like you are being habitually lied to, and the painful cognitive dissonance that comes with it; simply hop over to our article The False Song Of Populism. Because you can’t see clearly with that dangling carrot in front of your eyes.


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