North Korea is not a Threat to the United States

Trump and handlers are extremely keen to wage Donald Trump World Police style interventionist wars. They are practically frothing at the mouth to overturn and dismantle many long-standing “hold out” states such as North Korea and Syria.

The tired drone of “weapons of mass destruction”, and “imminent danger” are being heard once again. Have people not learned since Iraq?

Granted, North Korea actually do have nuclear capabilities, and have expressed an interest in pointing them at the United States as soon as humanly possible. (Which isn’t entirely unwarranted, read this great article from the Renegade Tribune; where the Korean war atrocities are highlighted.)

However, it is estimated it will take North Korea until 2027 to develop a ballistic missile that will reach the west coast of the USA. Why does it want one in the first place? Security. North Korea is a “rogue state”, it was protected by the soviet unions nuclear protection, after the dissolution of the Soviet state; Kim Jong Il started turning the (Soviet built) nuclear power generators into nuclear weapon creating plants. It is not even clear that North Korea would attack the USA in 10 years if it was successful. (Not to mention the USA intelligence throwing the 10 years figure around aren’t exactly the most reliable.)

Oh wow goy, look at that scary bomb!

North Korea has tested a total of 5 Taepodong-2 warheads, the ones with the capability to reach America. Out of this, three have totally failed, the other two entered “space” but failed to re-enter the atmosphere… Nevermind hit their target.

The main issue is creating a nuclear bomb small enough to make one of these missiles viable. Then it is very difficult to calibrate the launch system in any reliable way, and frankly, we have no idea if they will ever be able to do so.

The Taepodong-2 is made of 4 missiles, each launching the next further into orbit, until the final (nuclear) missile re-enters the atmosphere and hits the target.

The USA and the Soviet Union had thousands of these types of missiles during the Cold War. North Korea is struggling to build just one.

The other two types of long-range warhead (KN-08 and KN-14) have never even been tested. This constant fear mongering is unfounded.

It is clear the only people in danger of these nuclear devices are South Korea, as North Korea does have an arsenal of short and medium range missiles. This begs the question, why is Donald Trump recklessly posturing against the regime and putting all those people at risk? For what end? Well, Donald Trump was put in power in part to adopt an aggressive foreign policy, and that is what he’s doing.

This dangerous flexing of military might (when the situation has nothing to do with the USA), is not just putting South Koreans at risk; it is risking forcing China’s hand in a military dispute. Read this article where the danger of World War Three over this situation was discussed.

The main danger is nuclear proliferation, mainly, South Korea and Japan creating their own nukes. While this is an issue, it certainly isn’t one that the USA should be risking all to prevent, especially given there is no imminent danger… Donald Trump also supported Japan and South Korea getting their own nukes. We think whatever happens, dropping bombs on North Korea (again) is no solution to this complex issue.


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