Creepy Joe Biden Lectures Students on “Sexual Harassment”

This is one of those stories that just jumped straight out at me as the absolute epitome of hypocrisy. Creepy Joe is allegedly quite hands on when it comes to women, or girls, as the case may be.

Joe Biden has been filmed on several occasions exhibiting very strange behaviour around young girls. The girls look visually uncomfortable.

Without wishing to go as far as some theorists, we’ll just state that it is highly irregular for such a man to lecture a group of students on anything pertaining to sexual harassment.

“Would you like a speech on sexual harassment?”

At George Mason University he urged the impressionable crowd to “change the culture…” This seem to mean demonizing masculinity by equating rape with “inappropriate” locker room talk, “you can do it” he added.

Joe Biden framed himself as a paragon of virtue when he stated: “my dad used to say the greatest sin a man can do is ignore the abuse to all.”

He also weighed in on the Bill O’Reilly debacle, “you know you’re making progress when you have the most popular talking head lose his job for sexual assault.” So, “progress” in Joe Bidens mind is completely neutering males to the point where an accusation alone (no investigation needed) is enough to attribute guilt.

He makes it clear when he says, “you have an obligation to say something. This is about truth.” If this was about truth, college campuses would not be being targeted. College campuses have much lower levels of sexual assault than, for example; Islamic communities.

This seems to be about inflicting more Cultural Marxist garbage on unwitting students, and deconstructing masculine cultural norms (however crude they may appear) like “locker room talk”.

No more locker room talk!

Creepy Joe talks one moment about rape, then talks about inappropriate male speech. It is absolutely insidious what these people are doing. They are equating the very serious crime of rape, with men talking about women sexually, which is normal masculine behaviour.

Joe plainly states: “You’ve got to speak up. You can not let that kind of talk be bred.” Wait, I thought this was about stopping sexual assault? No, rather this is about cutting out normal male “talk” regarding anything to do with women or sex.

Creepy Joe spent a lot of the speech trying to further invert gender roles, feigning outrage that wives were ever considered to be lower in the natural hierarchy than their husbands.

This blatant assault on the minds of young college students needs to be discussed more.


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