Berkeley Chaos: “There’s so Much Blood!” Edition

“I’m a Latina for Trump, my mother came here legally from Mexico; which I am very proud of!” The woman cries down her bullhorn. She continues: “No more illegal aliens! Illegal aliens are bad!”

The whole “Battle of Berkeley 3.0” is full of brown people wearing helmets and American flag T-shirts. Moments later a fat gay man, looking like a NASCAR racer, starts screaming down the bull horn. “We love our president!” He sports a slight lisp, which only adds to the intense homosexual vibe that he exudes. Suddenly, the whole place erupts with cries of; “U.S.A! U.S.A!”

A black women wearing a pink bandana and leather jacket seizes the bull horn; “our ancestors were brought over here 400 years ago…” Then some indecipherable babble about “500 black girls missing”, this devolves into an “America first” chant.

This lady continues for a while: “We’re black and white! We will deal with the illegal immigrants!”

The first Mexican lady takes the bull horn back now, “my mother waited in line! My dad is German!” This is a direct quote, I kid you not: “I stand for Merry Christmas!”

The black women takes another turn; “there are terrorist camps in our country. This is our homeland!” An old Mexican lady has been shouting for about fifteen minutes at this point, the black woman finally gives in: “Imma let you speak.”

This lady grabs hold of the mic, starts screaming in a thick Mexican accent: “Obama destroyed our country! Obama destroyed our country! We don’t want to global, we don’t want the global! We want the United states!” (Not typos, this is how she spoke.)

After this the black lady wants another go, she appears almost bursting with a burning desire to say something really important: “I am a black American, there is one black American race in the USA… The Muslims and other blacks have infiltrated the American black communities. We are not Muslims! We are American blacks! We helped build America! Muslims are not African-Americans! We have no jobs, we have been the hardest hit! I am here to support our president. We have to take our territories back! This is out homeland!” She continues this way until her voice starts to crack and she can no longer talk.

The first non-Trump supporter gets a turn, she starts crying about the children at the college. After much heckling another big fat American man appears… Said big fat American, dressed like an extra for “Mad Max” screams: “You let her speak now! I’m an American and I’m here to let everyone speak!” He sticks his chest out to the applause of all these brown Trump fans. The whole think devolves into chaos, everyone is screaming while waving American flags.

Across from here “Based Stick Man” is giving a TV interview. “Millennial’s have lost their masculinity, they need to awaken the power inside! Millennial women, stop being so narcissistic…” Lauren Southern is also there, surrounded by a team of “proud boy” white knights, most of them are short and Asian.

The drone of the original Mexican lady on the bull horn is all-consuming, some man decides to try to break the horrible wail, I couldn’t hear what he said through screams of; “you’re a fascist, bro!” And: “Hey, you let her speak now!”

Do you see the problem with Civic Nationalism?

Brave ZOG warrior faces off against some SJW’s to protect free speech

(Related reading: The False Song of Populism. And: Abortion Nationalism: “Hands Off Our Rights”.)

Intel Huxley will be reporting the events at the Battle Of Berkeley 3.0 HERE!


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