Final PMQ’s: Sleepy Jeremy Corbyn Gets Trounced Again

Jeremy Corbyn chose to read from a scrip for the final PMQ’s, playing up his act that he will be a voice for the people, he reads “questions” from the public. The first hilariously reads, “Christopher and his husband…” which I think is an accurate representation of the state of Weimar Britain.

Jeremy Corbyn got absolutely exposed in this debate, Theresa May had an answer for all of his poorly put forth questions. You could see confusion set in after every remark, then his Human Training would kick in; he would start reading the next question, completely oblivious to everything that went on previously.

At one point May strongly accused Corbyn of being unpopular with his own voters. She said he was weak on security, a terrorist sympathiser, and would crash the economy. Sleepy Corbyn could only respond with; “that’s not what I asked…” Upon hisses from the benches he could only squeak; “it’s alright, it’s alright”, in a high-pitched voice; evidently trying to give the impression that he wasn’t struggling to remember where he was and how he got there.


We are no fan of Theresa May, or the two-party slavery of the British people, but we find it hard to believe Theresa May will not agree to debate Sleepy Corbyn.

We think the reason for this refusal is in part to stop Jeremy Corbyn utterly embarrassing himself. Corbyn seems to be being protected in this two-party charade, by the co-star in the drama; Theresa May.

Corbyn may stand a chance given the controlled media is trying to spin him as “anti-establishment”; which they have learned the people swallow whole. He may actually stand a chance, if he stays awake when in the public view on the run up to the June 8th election.

Theresa May ended the final PMQ’s gushing about anti-Semitism, which I’m sure Corbyn was just burning with desire to denounce even greater than she did, so as to garner favour.

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