Trump Holds “Strange” UN Security Meeting

These meetings come just a day before the main part of Operation Gotham Shield is scheduled to commence. If you have not heard of this very significant operation, read this article.

Nikki Haley allegedly arranged the meeting, which seems to break protocol as Trump has been predominantly critical of the UN. Trump stated the UN is “underperforming”, but he looks to change that with the tone of his rhetoric: Saying it has “tremendous potential”.

Trump also stated the UN Security Council “failed” to act when it comes to the recent chemical attack in Syria, probably because they might be expected to investigate; which they would rather not do.

Trump also looks to potentially cut off one of China’s motivations for backing North Korea by imposing more stringent sanctions on the failed state. We wrote about China’s reasoning behind backing Kim Jung Un in this article, and I think they are more than simply financial.


Hypothetically, this strange meeting could be in some way influenced by the American citizen that was detained for unspecified reasons at Pyongyang airport.

This meeting is certainly not being given any attention, the media preferring to report on Obama’s first public event since leaving the White House.

IMPORTANT: The entire senate will be attending the white house on the 26th April. Stated reason is to discuss North Korea, expect some action regarding this. It’s concerning that all these events seem to be encompassing the 26th April Operation Gotham Shield “nuclear simulation”.

Lets hope Donald Trump World Police can keep a lid on the reckless, unwarranted interventionism for this one.


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