Operation Gotham Shield: “Simulated” Nuke Blast Over Manhattan

The US government is conducting a joint agency simulated “nuke blast” on the 24th to the 26th of April. The supposed nuclear “detonation” will be over Manhattan and surrounding areas.

The stated reason for this drill will be to test the response of government agencies involved. FEMA, Homeland Security, and a whole host of other government agencies will be taking part.

We are not explicitly indicating anything nefarious is afoot, but given recent events and the current climate; who knows? At the very least, the fact that these drills are deemed necessary is certainly a troubling thought.

The likelihood is that nothing will come of “Operation Gotham Shield”; just like Jade Helm from 2015.

Regardless… Massive, multi-agency, nuclear “simulations” in densely populated areas is certainly a significant event that you should be keeping your eyes on.



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