Bill Nye the Degenerate Guy: “Sex Junk” Subversion

If you ever needed a pure, honest expression of atheistic science; the “Sex Junk” song from Bill Nye’s show is it. Atheism is not about truth, or reason, Atheism is about inverting the natural order and mocking God while children watch.

Bill Nye, (or “AIDs Nye”; as I have just christened him), has a new Netflix show. I have not watched it, I’m not going to encourage anyone to watch it. I have seen some clips, mainly vulgar remarks about genitalia and sex.

At one particular point a woman (Rachel Bloom) breaks into song, the chorus goes:

Cuz my sex junk, Is so Uh Uh Uhhhh
Much more than, Either Or-or-or

The rest of the song is filled with more of this kind of filth. A lot of people have been talking about the abysmal choreography and horrendous singing… That is the point. Certain social parasites are actively debasing modern forms of expression in order to corrupt the youth, and everyone else for good measure.

Bill Nye openly endorses the message of the song, calling it “the right message”. This officially makes him the most honest Atheist figurehead to date.

An actual screenshot with lyrics from the disgusting “show”

I’m not even going to link to the video because I don’t want others to watch it. You can seek it out easily online if you’d like to. But be warned, this is one of those things that hurts to watch.

Some will say this is trivial. Intel Huxley is about publishing the truth, and shining a light in a dark world, and that includes exposing the latest evidence of this intentional, cultural subversion.


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