Abortion Nationalism: “Hands off our Rights”

This article will be an addition to this one on “The False Song of Populism”. What we are seeing, termed “Abortion Nationalism”, is alarming to say the least. The main tenants of this kind of nationalism are a harsh condemnation of Islam because it might infringe on the West’s rampant abortion and homosexual “rights”.

I hope I don’t have to explain how unhealthy and sick this trend is. I presented the argument, which isn’t a popular one; that “populism” is a subversive attempt to malign and pervert true “right-wing values”.


The right-wing “choice”


To be crude, modern-day populist figures both in the political and cultural arena, adopt an anti-Islam stance because they fear the loss of their right to have gay sex, and kill their babies.

Whether it’s Donald Trump waving the gay pride flag, or Milo bathing in a bath of pigs blood while condemning Islam for their terrible treatment of homosexuals; Abortion Nationalism seems to have been “given the nod” by most right-wing traditionalists. Who seem to be perpetually stuck in a “best of two evils” paradigm.

“You’re purity spiraling! So what if this is all true, these people are helping in the grand scheme of things!”

Helping who? Helping in the fight against oppressive Sharia in order to conserve decadent, hedonistic excesses?

If homosexual marriage and abortion are European values that these people call forth in its defence, the obvious question to ask is; “is it worth saving?”


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