The False Song of Populism

Intel Huxley have been deafeningly silent on Marine Le Pen in France, mainly because we deem her to be akin to Donald Trump; a manufactured puppet being held up as a carrot to woo and subdue the outraged torrents of the growing, dissident right…

I know these opinions are unpopular, because accepting that you have been duped is difficult. It is difficult to accept the fact that your overlords have great powers of manipulation and are not simply one-dimensional. We are dedicated to the truth so we will publish it.

When you treat a people so badly, as the Europeans are being treated in their own nation states, you are going to get a push back. It seems “populism” is false opposition in order to mitigate that push back and regulate it in such a way that blame lands far from the source. The solutions presented are also half measures, and in no way address the real issues.

Does anyone really believe our overlords can’t anticipate logical certainties? Do not underestimate your enemies, because you do so at your own peril.Hegelian-Dialectic

An example of these “false solutions” is Donald Trumps Illegal immigration crusade. Setting aside his latest softening of stance (where he stated so-called “dreamers” should “rest easy”), Trumps position reads thus: “We have a problem with immigrants who don’t go through the proper channels to enter our country. They should go and get a piece of paper stamped with their name on it and that is fine.”

Everyone should be able to see the problem with this “solution”. It’s not a solution at all, and actually furthers the destruction of America. Here’s how; legal immigration is the issue. People legally settling, starting families, and using public resources is the problem. Not illegals. Illegals are a problem too, but pushing to make illegal immigrants go “through the proper channels” is actually worse. It is better for us if they stayed illegal.

This is just one example but there are many, for the sake of brevity I will not include more. (We have an article you should read on some more of Donald Trumps alleged “back slides”.)

Populism was also constructed to prevent the angry populace, on the brink of a right-wing awakening, from totally losing faith in the electoral “system”… Because “they” wouldn’t want that.

The way “populism” popped up is highly suspicious, at a time of great outrage on the part of the attacked group, a “solution” was presented. And look how uniform the solution was. Whether its Geert Wilders or Donald Trump, their positions are almost identical. They are firmly against Islam, they want to cut down on “illegal” immigration, they wouldn’t think twice about waving a rainbow flag around, and they are extremely pro-Israel.

“And then I said, ‘I’m anti-establishment’. Get this; they believed me!”

Newt Gingrich went on Fox news and said that Trump hadn’t been through the “initiation rites”, giving a staged nod to the existence of secret societies. One million “right wingers” virtually wet their pants. Claims that this was an obviously subversive act, intending to set up a “false savior” were met with fierce scorn. These people, who are largely Christian and do believe in some form of the Devil, could not bring themselves to believe this was an intentional act; even though all the signs were there.

We don’t want to give the impression that Intel Huxley is an atheistic institute, not at all. We are firmly convinced that the only saviour you’re ever going to find is Christ Jesus. And that’s why we don’t follow the false song of populism, or its many faced pied pipers who advocate half measures, and “making Israel great again”.

To finish, if you are anti-establishment you do not get to run for president.

I will repeat; if you are anti-establishment you do not get to run for president.


2 thoughts on “The False Song of Populism

  1. This is embarrassingly stupid. People would’ve been fine with Jeb Bush vs. Clinton. There was no outrage at the media and wave of alt-right at all until Trump ran, you have no perspective and project your single-mindedness onto others.


    1. Okay, if you want to continue with the delusion that Donald Trump, the famous TV show host, is an “outsider”, and not a pawn… That is your choice.

      Ignore him as he dances to the tune of the establishment he claimed to be against. As he fills the swamp with worse monsters than were there before. As he sides with Israel and terror sponser Saudi Arabia, while condemning moderate Iran. Bombing moderate Assad like Hillary wanted to. Rolling back his promises. One U-turn after another. Adopting bush era warmongering and worse; when he promised the opposite.

      “B-but it’s the deep state!” No. And it’s not Kushner either.

      I understand you don’t want to know that Trump is nothing more than a puppet and populism is a manufactured charade. Because it makes you think you have a stake in the system. Truth is, you do not.

      You don’t get to run for office if you’re anti-establishment. People need to accept this fact or remain two party dupes.


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