Jeremy Corbyn Attempts to Bribe Voters with Days off Work

Is this the purest expression of socialist reasoning in recent years? Jeremy Corbyn has offered voters four more “bank holidays” if he was to gain power in the June snap election.

Alongside this another of his key promises is to make college free at the expense of the tax payer. Or, as Jeremy puts it, at the expense of “the rich”. What he means by this is anyone who earns over around seventy thousand Great British pounds per annum. So, he will be taxing the middle class, small business owners primarily. Don’t expect a tax increase on corporations who are most likely bank rolling folks like Corbyn. Expect the middle class to be squeezed, driving some (who can afford it) on to greener pastures taking their capital and jobs with them.

jeremy corbyn

We know that communism is a debunked economic argument. fortunately, very few people take the “class war” idea seriously and see the glaring flaws and dangers of such an ideology. This is why the economic argument has been virtually dropped in recent years, and the subversive parasites moved the goal posts to “culture”. The oppressors are no longer the bougousee, they are white people, white men, white heterosexual men to be specific. So with this is mind, “class warfare” type socialists like Corbyn must appeal to the lowest denominator. Commie Corbyn must appeal to people who cannot live their lives but entirely on the “instant gratification” premise.

Thus, Corbyn talks about pay rises, days off work, and other assorted “free stuff”. Luckily, the British people will not fall for this.


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