Muslims March on Amazon Demanding Five Prayer Breaks

Muslims who worked for the Service Employees International Union (ironically; SIS is the acronym used), have decided to march on Amazons head office in Seattle. One Muslim named Essag Hassan claims to have been fired for asking to pray on his break. It has been reported that they are demanding five prayer breaks, and are stating that SIS security guards contracted by Amazon were denied this “space to pray”.

The date of the supposed “pray-in” is set at May 1st. We are reporting on this because we feel it is an issue that isn’t given enough attention, even in the “alternative” media. Multiple prayer breaks a day is what the majority of Muslims require. Certainly a constraining thing when dealing with an occupation like being a security guard. Surely it is necessary for one security guard to be non-Muslim, as whatever is valuable enough to guard would be vulnerable during those slots. Or maybe they take turns? In which case you’re getting less security at certain times of the day, consistently.


The main complaint seems to be a “prayer room”, that was apparently not provided. This is being thought of as “religious discrimination” by the outraged Muslim protestors.

Here’s what the SIS officer, Essag Hassan had to say: When you ask for a space to pray on your work break, that request should be treated with respect. You shouldn’t be singled out and treated differently, like I felt I was. Several weeks after I asked for this, I was fired by Security Industry Specialists (SIS), the security contractor at Amazon, and not been given a reason why,”

I find it interesting that Essag says “you shouldn’t be treated differently”. Does anyone believe that any other employee would be given a special room upon request? Not to mention additional breaks which none of the protesters seem to mention directly.


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