Mattis in Tel Aviv: Syria “No Doubt” still has Chemical Weapons

General Jim Mattis, Trumps warhawk has been beating the war drum while in Israel on Friday. According to Mattis, the Assad government “no doubt” still has chemical weapons.

The defence secretary said: “We are committed to Israel’s defense. We support Israel’s internal security and Israel’s external security.” He went on to say Trumps America wants to make its relationship with Israel, “the strongest ever.”

Mattis also railed against Iran, who seem to be high on Trumps hit list. Mattis met with Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the pair seem to have quite a close relationship, this was third meeting thus far. Last time they met was Washington in March, where they discussed Syria, Iran and Liberman reportedly briefed him on the numerous threats to Israel in the region. It looks like this meeting went much the same way.

Mattis and Lieberman

Mattis and Lieberman, like best friends, seem to admiringly echo each others words. In March Mattis stated the three gravest threats to Americas national security were: “Iran, Iran, Iran.” A month earlier at the Munich Security Conference in February, Liberman said the main challenges facing “the region” were: “Iran, Iran, Iran.”

Some say it’s very interesting how the two nations interests seem to overlap so seamlessly.


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