Communist Death Squads Prop Up Venezualan Regime

That isn’t hyperbole. Armed communist groups are reportedly roaming around Venezuela killing political dissidents with “no fear of getting caught”. Recently, we published this article, then just three protestors had been killed. Now, the death toll from this batch of protests has risen to over twenty with twelve dying in just one day. In the article, we mentioned a female student was shot by “men on motorbikes”. These men are allegedly government operatives working for the Maduro regime.

The groups are called collectives, or “Colectivos” in Spanish. These Colectivos draw striking parallels between Antifa rioters as we imagine them a few years down the line, if their violence continues to ramp up. Instead of a bike lock and a M80, the Colectivos drive on motorbikes into the centre of the protest, throwing tear gas and opening fire. Leaving many, like 17-year-old Carlos Moreno dead with a bullet in his head.

This is a “Colectivo” group from Venezuela (The photo is not from the recent protests)

This is a disgusting attempt to stay in power at all costs. This should be given the attention it warrants and the socialist aspect of the murderous regime should be highlighted. Of course, the Marxist News Media will not place too much emphasis on the socialist element.

Chavez originally formed the Colectivos to conform the poor neighbourhoods to his socialist vision. They were intended as communal groups, but quickly developed to where they had their own flags and uniforms, later turning into a far more violent militia.

Radical left-wing violence is nothing new. Groups like Antifa are growing increasingly violent, if you are under any illusion that Antifa violence will stay at the current level; you are mistaken. We are seeing the ratcheting up of violence in protests across Europe and North America, with these groups going to greater and greater lengths to inflict violence upon, and silence their opponents. The Colectivos death squads, killing wantonly, are a frightening example of how leftist violence can develop.


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