Commie Corbyn Idolises Hugo Chavez

We wrote this article on Venezuela and the tragedy that is occurring there due, at least in part; to communist rule. Since we published that article countless more have died, the death toll of the most recent protests hit 12 as of Friday. This hell on earth was created by the evil communist ideology that Jeremy Corbyn seems to subscribe to.

Commie Corbyn

There are many different opinions on Chavez that come from the dissident right, some say despite his communist nonsense he was at least against globalism. Regardless of the truth of this statement, which I tend to doubt; you can rest assured that Jeremy Corbyn does not stand behind Chavez for his alleged anti-globalism, but rather because he was a communist.

Jeremy Corbyn is the complete antithesis of any kind of nationalism.

Below are a series of tweets by Commie Corbyn, which is the name we are branding him with from this point hence, where Corbyn practically gushes over the “social justice” win in Venezuela. A win that leads to mass death, starvation and the total lack of dignity that comes from not being able to afford toilet paper.


People of the UK, this is the man who is currently running for Prime Minister of your once great country. However bad the other options may seem, make sure this man doesn’t gain power. Not only would he most likely derail Brexit negotiations, he would probably call a second referendum; completely walking all over the will of the people.


Please share this and articles like it as much as possible in the run up to the June election.

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