Trump Says “Dreamers” Should “Rest Easy”

If you are on the dissident right, you voted for Trump for real change: An end to globalist wars, and a definitive break from nefarious foreign influence, embodied by fighting wars for other nations interests. This is not the direction that Trumps leadership has taken us thus far, it is the exact opposite as of right now.

Another strange revelation today is that Donald Trump stated that so-called “dreamers” should “rest easy”. Trump said his administration is “not after the dreamers, we are after criminals.” So not only is Trump apparently unconcerned with legal immigration, he seems to only be bothered about illegal immigrants who go on to commit additional crimes… This is at least, what the use of the term “dreamers” seems to suggest.


“Rest easy” dreamers!


President Barack Obama was also saying “dreamers” could rest easy. Obama held the position that young children who were “forced” to illegally enter the USA by their parents should be allowed to stay. Donald Trump didn’t even indicate an age specification for this admission, though it is usually reserved for younger illegal immigrants.

The parameters seem awfully broad, anyone can be a dreamer. For Trump to give a nod to this subversive term and its ideal is troubling. We are all dreamers. Every Illegal that crosses the border is a dreamer, and Trump is dreaming if he thinks this change of attitude will not further alienate many of his supporters.


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