Trump “Okay” with Taking Down Assange

So there you have it, Trump, the man who said Wikileaks are doing a valuable public service during his campaign, just stated it would be “okay” with him if Assange was behind bars. Trump is quoted as saying, “I love Wikileaks.” We speculated Trump would hold this view as his CIA director pick Pompeo, has seemingly dedicated his whole stint to going after Wikileaks.

You should read this article that was published yesterday. Mike Pompeo, Trumps pick for CIA boss stated: “It ends now” in regards to Julian Assange and Wikileaks. I thought Donald Trump valued loyalty? Some will state this is 4d chess, “Trump is currently maneuvering to complete dismiss Assange of all charges”, they will say. But it is my opinion that these theories very seldom come to fruition, and it is very easy to attribute success to a fanciful move after the fact.

“It’s okay with me.” Is the

I want to emphasis the fact that Mike Pompeo dedicated a significant portion of his very first address to attacking Wikileaks and Julian Assange. That is an incredible turn of events considering Pompeo was Trumps picks for the job. Surely, someone who opens this way in a new position, plans to hold up Wikileaks freshly severed scalp as a testament to his efficiency.

This may not seem like a big deal to many, but for us it is the latest in a sad string of inconsistencies regarding trump and his administration. Previously, we published this article, about Trumps latest softening of his stance. Or, as some might argue, a complete severing from campaign sentiment.


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