Yet Another Islamic Slaughter in Paris

Youssouf El Osri is the suspect in the latest terror attack in Paris. Take a long look at that name and the face below, because I don’t think you’re going to be seeing it very often. The mainstream Marist News Media will most likely bury this as soon as it is humanly possible to do so.

The suspect

They certainly won’t talk about Islam and the failure of multiculturalism. They will most likely say, “this has nothing to do with Islam” and attribute blame to an obscure mental health issue.

There has been one policeman killed, and two injured, in the Champs-Elysees shooting. The beauty of the location is trumped only by the ugliness of the event.

Welcome to the new normal. Don’t expect a rational discussion on the real causes of the ongoing assault on our once great nations. Expect candles, a hashtag, and the reminder that right-wing racists are going to give Muslims a hard time over this, so we should be considerate.


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