Russia and China Could be Forced to Unite Against the USA

Why is Donald Trump instigating against Russia in Syria, while simultaneously forcing China’s hand in North Korea? I have no idea. Does he want to force two nuclear superpowers into a coalition of necessity?

Many people are suggesting that China will aid the USA in North Korea, personally, I have no idea why they would think that. China wants to ensure that the regime in North Korea stays afloat, there are numerous reasons for this.

China wants to avoid the mass exodus of refugees into China that the toppling of Kim Jung Un’s regime would create… China also wants to avoid a united Korea at all costs.  I think the larger incentive for China to back North Korea is the latter: China fears a reunification of Korea under a Southern Korean, pro-western government. North Korea could be considered a “buffer state”, useful for stifling the encroaching power base of the USA in the region.

The Bear and The Dragon.

The USA has a strong military presence in South Korea, you can bet that China is taking that into consideration. China does not want a South Korean style government in a united Korea, because that would give birth to an American military presence on her border.

China also has close economic ties with North Korea. It is a mistake to assume that China will side with Trump; a president that has been explicitly anti China.

China is currently planning a North Korean contingency, and quite frankly; we don’t know what side they are planning on supporting if the USA was to attack first.


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