Battle of Berkeley Bike Lock Bandit Unmasked

During what has been called “The Battle of Berkeley” which erupted on the 15th of April, there emerged a violent attack captured on video. The video showed a black clad Antifa rioter hitting a seemingly innocent Trump supporter with what people are calling a bike lock. The Trump supporter was left visibly dazed with blood streaming down the side of his face. This was a brutal and cowardly attack, the impact with which the attack was launched could have easily caused a very serious injury or death.

There is at least one other video of an identical looking attacker hitting another individual with a bike lock, in a similar vicious manner.

The victim Sean Stiles lies near his own blood moments after the savage attack.

What follows next is unconfirmed; sources are saying that the bike lock attacker is one; Eric Clanton, who is an ethics professor at Diablo Valley College. We cannot confirm these rumours, however Jack Posobiec has stated; “Antifa Terrorist Eric Clanton is currently a professor at Diablo Valley College.”

San Francisco State University already appear to have scrubbed their academia profile featuring the Professor. Eric Clantons social media accounts also seem to have been scrubbed, this does not however indicate guilt; it is important that this issue is properly investigated before attributing blame.

The accompanying pictures (below) are the evidence which has been put forward so far. Many are saying this is quite damning, but we are reserving judgement. If it turns out that Eric Clanton is not the attacker we will amend this article as soon as such a revelation comes out. And we will certainly be posting updates to what promises to be a very quickly developing story.

UPDATE: As of the 19th of April 2017 the victim of the attack , who has been identified as one Sean Stiles, has said that he will be filing charges against Eric Clanton. It was previously reported that charges had already been filed, this was incorrect; charges should be filed soon as things seem to be moving quickly.


The credit for this investigation belongs solely to /pol/, who pulled these images together…



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